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New BorisRed3GL User with just a few quick questions!

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New BorisRed3GL User with just a few quick questions!
on Apr 12, 2006 at 8:41:09 am

Hi all, I just have a few quick questions about our new editing bay imported from USA, which is preloaded with softwares. Boris3GL with PPRO 1.5.1 is installed and working. So here goes:
* The version of Boris is Boris Red Engine is 3.04.050929, is that the latest version? I downloaded RED3.0.0_3.0.4.exe from support site but that did not work, I guess I don't need it?
* I want to upgrade to Aftereffects 7 (possibly PPRO 2) but for AE, I can't figure out how to install that into my system that already has Boris working in PPRO 1.5. Do I uninstall and reinstall? I have the Boris CD but I don't want to break the system.
* Do I actually need AE with Boris? They seem to do the same things, but not sure. Our studio, once a music studio with PROTOOLS system, is now expanding out to do music videos, commercials, multimedia, etc. I really like the new AE interface and rendering modules, but how to make it all compatible?
Okay, I said I'd be quick, thanks for your support!
Jigs in Nepal

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mark harvey
Re: New BorisRed3GL User with just a few quick questions!
on Apr 13, 2006 at 10:42:58 am


You are fine with the version of Red you are running.

Installing AE 7 has nothing to do with Red3GL. Go ahead and install AE 7. Some people like to install Red as a plugin for AE, I do not like to work in this way, I find it confusing and hard to manage.

You do not need AE 7 if you have Red, but I like to use both. Both have things that they do better than the other software. I would suggest learning both, if you have them, why not.

Hope this helps


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Re: New BorisRed3GL User with just a few quick questions!
on Apr 13, 2006 at 7:28:59 pm

Now that AE 7 has added the preset animations that you can just drag onto a layer Adobe has moved in the direction that Red excelled in but it's not quite the same yet. AE7 integration with Premiere Pro 2 is improved it looks although I don't use Premiere Pro I can't say for sure. I will say that both are great tools (Red and AE) to use and they have strengths over each other.After Effects 7.0 Pro new interface it a huge improvment over 6.5 and Boris will need to step it up to compete with it IMO.

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