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Quality between image from image browser vs image from bin.

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Jerome RobbinsQuality between image from image browser vs image from bin.
by on Mar 16, 2006 at 7:04:30 pm

Media 100 8.2.2 OS 10.3.9 Boris RED

I have images in a bin in Media 100 that I brought in via a Sony PD100. I brought a clip in of a group of people at a table as a still shot. I brought in a 2nd cllip that pans the people at the table. When I put these on my time line they both look good and are very sharp.

I then made a new compostion on the timeline and went into the editor. I imported the still photo of the group of people using the Media 100 Browser. Then I set the keyframes to pan around the people just like I had done with the camera version.

The version done in the editor does not look as good and is grainy in comparison.

The Media settings are HDR with 300 quality.

If this is not typical, are there settings I am missing?



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mark harveyRe: Quality between image from image browser vs image from bin.
by on Mar 17, 2006 at 11:44:44 am

I would say that this is not normal. Boris will not alter the quality of you footage.
If you are bringing in the still image, what are the original dimensions of the still. If you say that you are panning on the still, but also say you brought it in with your camera then I would asume that it is regular screen size (720x486). If you are presenting this full screen, and panning around it, then I would suspect you have adjusted the scale of this image over 100 %, in which case you are growing pixels. This would definately detoriate an images quality. Also, your capture is DV...if you are playing with video level filters then what you may be seeing is DV artifacting. DV doesn't handle colour correction all that well as it works in 4:1:1 colour space.

Some things to check inside Red. In the preferences make sure that use host settings is enabled, also make sure that render fields as frames is also checked. Uncheck 1:2:1 deflicker, unless you are doing title rolls.

Try this test, bring an image into Red using your previous method. Add a title, but DO NOT animate or move the still or the title, then render this. Are you still seeing image problems ???


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Jerome RobbinsRe: Quality between image from image browser vs image from bin.
by on Mar 17, 2006 at 7:06:54 pm

[mark harvey] "make sure that render fields as frames is also checked."
I have RED 2.5.2 and it does not have "render fields as frames" it has "Better quality field rendering" instead.

I took a photo and scanned into Photoshop at 2160 x 1458 then selected and pasted it to a 720 x 534 with a 72 resolution. I saved to the desktop.

then I imported it into a Bin in Media 100. I made a new composition in Boris, I imported the photo in from the desktop and then I did another composition and imported it from the Bin using the Bin Browser. I rendered them both on the timeline in Media 100.
the photo brought into Boris from the desktop is better than the one brought in from the Bin.

I also brought the photo in from the camera into a Bin and then into Boris. It looks just lilke the one coming from inside the Media 100 bin.

What is the BEST way to take a photo that is only 3"x5" and use Boris to do a pan and zoom?



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mark harveyRe: Quality between image from image browser vs image from bin.
by on Mar 17, 2006 at 7:46:26 pm

For anything that is not captured footage, I would always bring it directly into Boris from the hard drive, not through fact, I am about to save you a whack of time :-) I am a former media100 editor and this was my workflow when working with Boris Red.

1. Capture in media100...I used to capture at 200kb....the difference is negligable and the drive space saved is not.

2. Create a composition and open Boris Red.

3. Use the bin browser function to bring in clips.

4. Save Boris Red project and exit (wha you say.....let me finish)

5. Minimize media100.

6. Open the Boris Red engine

7. Open the saved project.

8. Bring into Red using the icons on the timeline all other elements.

9. Enjoy the speed benefits.

10.Send me cases of imported beer...(sorry)

11. Render out movie in media100 codec.

Ok, here's the deal. The reason that you don't want to run Red inside media100 is simple, media100 passes along everything to Boris, including ram. You will notice that the engine will run much faster than the plug-in. You will also notice that when you bring in an element with an alpha from the drives, you get an alpha...media100 WILL NOT pass along alpha info to Red.....

Give this a is a much better workflow


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