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Anne Renehan-what's your email address?

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MarkMcAnne Renehan-what's your email address?
by on Feb 24, 2006 at 4:59:26 pm

Contacted CS @ boris about an install number for blue-nothing back yet. Tried downloading it several times-still no email with number. I couldn't find your email address here.

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Dirk de JongRe: Blue public beta (was Anne Renehan-what's your email address?)
by on Feb 24, 2006 at 7:23:36 pm

Hi, Since there seems to be some problem with the automatic emailing in our download system for this item, I am just posting the serial number below. Sorry for the inconvenience and I encourage you to Install and try the Boris Blue public beta

The Boris Blue Public Beta software expires on April 1, 2006.

Please use the following serial number when installing this trial version:

Providing Feedback
We welcome your feedback on Boris Blue Public Beta software. You can use the following two methods to communicate with us about Boris Blue:

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Anne RenehanRe: Blue public beta (was Anne Renehan-what's your email address?)
by on Feb 25, 2006 at 9:58:29 pm

Sorry, both phone and internet were down at Boris on Friday and they appear to still be down. Sigh, plus it's snowing in Boston. My email is, but anyone needing a serial number should use the one that Dirk posted.

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GaryAlanRe: Blue public beta (was Anne Renehan-what's your email address?)
by on Mar 1, 2006 at 6:59:31 am

I downloaded the Blue demo and installed it, but I never got the Composite Window to show anything? I have a Spny PC using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro card with Opne GL on it. Is Blue only working the two nVidai cards listed?


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GaryAlanRe: Blue public beta (was Anne Renehan-what's your email address?)
by on Mar 1, 2006 at 7:01:53 am

Never mind. Just saw the page saying only two video cards will work. Why? Will it ever work with other cards?


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Dirk de JongRe: Blue hardware requirements (was public beta (was Anne Renehan-what's your email address?)
by on Mar 1, 2006 at 4:59:51 pm

Hello - my name is Dirk de Jong and I am the product manager @ BorisFX for the Boris Blue product, and I'm hoping that some general background info about Blue might be useful here (sorry if it's a bit long-winded).

Unlike most other Boris products which use the System CPU and RAM to render video, Blue does almost all it's rendering using the GPU processor on the video card. When I say "rendering" here I mean it in the wider sense - ANY time it displays something from the timeline in the Composite Window or exports a file to disk it is using the GPU on the video card.

Current versions of Boris RED, FX, and Graffiti offer accelerated previews with a wider range of video cards, but in this context the GPU is being used only for a more generic draft quality accelerated preview of specific RED features that is suitable for Preview only and is not capable of adequately displaying (or accelerating) much of what RED can do. To be able to render / export a High Quality final image RED uses the system CPU (we say it renders "in software" rather than "on the hardware"). And if a RED user does not have a supported OGL card, he or she can simply run RED with OGL disabled - the Draft previews won't be as fast, but it is still very useful this way.

Blue, on the other hand, uses the GPU processor on the video card to do just about ALL of it's rendering. Just about ALL rendering (even High Quality Final export to disk) is done "on the hardware". Disabling OGL in the Blue software is like using the CAPS LOCK key - it basically suspends all rendering in the Composite Window - and so the product would not be useful at all without the video card. In that sense Blue is a true software-hardware hybrid product. Other Boris products are much less hardware dependent than Blue - the other products require a processor and some ram and an operating system (and maybe a host application) - but that's about it. Blue requires a rather specific (though not uncommon) kind of video card - and that card is an absolute requirement in that the Blue software is not useful without it.

Blue takes full advantage of the power of the video card and this tight hardware integration (rendering "on the hardware") offers several significant advantages ;
- Speed in Previews ; very fast (usually realtime) and high quality previews (including streaming audio and video files)
- Speed in Export ; very fast and high quality export to disk
- High Quality and Sophisticated 3D looks ; lighting and material properties like textures, bumps, highlights, and reflections - true 3D warping of 3D objects - that are particularly well suited to processing on this kind of hardware
- other Specific features that are well suited to hardware rendering because they can be very fast and look good ; expanded styles for extruded text and splines (like custom bevels and extrusions) - support for importing 3D Models, environment mapping, etc.

In order to achieve this tight hardware integration, it was necessary that Blue be released with some additional requirements / limitations beyond those of other Boris products ;
- Blue is a standalone application only. It is not available as a plugin for any other NLE or compositing applications
- Blue requires one of a supported set of NVIDIA cards running with a specific supported graphics driver version
- Blue requires Windows XP, sp2

As far as future versions of Boris Blue - since we have yet to officially release the first version, we are not able to provide much meaningful specific information about future Blue versions right now. As far as how the Blue release indicates future trends for BorisFX products, I can confidently confirm the following;
- Blue does not indicate any kind of movement away from developing for the Mac platform - we are very much still in the Mac software development business and will be for the foreseeable future. While the Blue release does not support Mac, Mac product development at BorisFX has never stopped and is ongoing.
- Blue does not indicate a movement away from offering plugin products - we are still very much in the plugin business and will be for the foreseeable future. Again, plugin development is very much ongoing at BorisFX.
- Blue does indeed indicate a desire to take full advantage of hardware to provide a faster and wider range of effects in our products - and that is something that we are likely to see more of in BorisFX products in the future.


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