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A huge 'thank you' and a very sad farewell to Philip Hodgetts from the Cow

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Ron LindeboomA huge 'thank you' and a very sad farewell to Philip Hodgetts from the Cow
by on Apr 28, 2005 at 5:21:12 pm

Hi All,

Well, as our 10 year anniversary of building media pros communities fast approaches, I look back and there has been one constant over the last decade that reaches all the way back to very beginnings of what would later grow into the Cow -- that constant is Philip Hodgetts.

Philip has asked to step aside from the Cow forums leadership team due to the many duties he has to perform everyday in his multi-faceted business at Intelligent Assistance, the ProApp-Hub, his own productions and consulting and all the many other things that make up the life of someone as in-demand as Philip is today.

I have been putting this off as I really have not wanted to say my farewells to Philip as he was the second person to ever join the team of people who would one day give rise to the Cow. Back in June of 1995, it was Reg Harris who first joined me to roll out the first web-based attempt at building some semblance of community in a digital world. Not long after, Reg and I met Philip Hodgetts -- whom we referred to as 'The Affable Aussie" -- and in July or August of 1995, Philip penned his first-ever web-based article for us which dealt with picture-in-picture effects using the old Nubus-based Media 100 systems. Little did any of us know what was ahead and what would be the outcome of all this.

Over the years, Philip has become one of the most respected people in this industry and teaches at seminars and conferences, has written books, created the Intelligent Assistants for products like BorisFX, After Effects, Media 100 and others, has built the site that helps Apple users make sense of the glut of information on the Net and there are many, many other things far too numerous to name here.

But one of the things which Kathlyn and I will always remember with gratitude and affection was that Philip walked away from our old site when he learned that we had been given the boot from it and that we'd no longer be involved. He left before we even had another site going and when we built the Cow, he came here and joined us when all we had was 30 or so empty rooms that were our forums at the time. While some of our friends stayed behind at our old site because it looked like we were whipped and they wanted to keep their positions of leadership -- Philip immediately resigned (as did many of our friends) and he never looked back. He was at the front of the line when we announced we'd try again with a site we'd call "Creative Cow." He laughed at the name when we told him and thought it was cool. Philip has a huge laugh and anyone that knows him knows what a great sense of humour he has.

So, Philip, I hope you know how much we've appreciated working with you over the years. Kathlyn and I will always be grateful for your friendship, loyalty and support. You have become one of the most respected people in this industry for good reason and we will miss working with you. We wish you and Gregg the very best always and we want you to know that this has been a decade for which we are indeed most grateful and that you have been a wonderful part of it all and we will miss you in the Cow and hope that as you have time, you will swing by and be a part of the community that you have contributed so much to over the last 10 years.

With love, friendship and respect and the best to you for your future success,

Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom

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Tim RiceRe: A huge 'thank you' and a very sad farewell to Philip Hodgetts from the Cow
by on Apr 29, 2005 at 1:46:39 pm

Thank you so much for all you've done here at the cow. I have felt like I have had personal tutors answering my questions and helping solve my problems. You were a big part of that especially here on the Boris Forum. My knowledge of video production as increased ten fold since I starting lurking here and that is due in a large part to you.
Thank you, good luck and I hope we meet in person someday.
Tim Rice

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andy stintonRe: A huge 'thank you' and a very sad farewell to Philip Hodgetts from the Cow
by on Jun 1, 2005 at 5:23:12 pm

Although I

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