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Encore Gives me lower reading in size of file than it encoded to. Why?

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Adam Berch
Encore Gives me lower reading in size of file than it encoded to. Why?
on Apr 19, 2013 at 10:25:34 pm


Before Encoding my Premiere Pro timeline in Media Encoder, I had set up my all my menus and all my assets in Encore CS 5.1. After I had done all that, I pressed the "Build button and it said I had around 23 GB left (I am making a Blu-Ray DVD)

So I went back to Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and Encoded my Project through Media Encoder. I set it it H.264 Blu-Ray, PCM Audio, Target Bit Rate was 18.5 and Max Bit Rate was 20. The estimated file size said it was going to be around 23 GB. This was perfect.

So I encoded it and when it was done, on the Hard Drive, it was 23 GB, just like to was supposed to be.

I then imported it into my Encore project and put it on the timeline. I then looked at the Build tab to see how many GB I had left on the Disc. I wanted a little room.

It said I am only using just over 20 GB and have a little over 4 GB left to use..

Why would this happen? I now have more free space.

In Encore, I wento to File ------ Project Settings ------ Default Transcode settings ---- and that was set at:

Max Audio/Video
Codec MPEG 2
Bit Rate = 15 MBPS.
The Audio was on Dolby.

There was a drop down list, in the Bit Rate category, that I could have chosen to use 20 or 25. I left it at 15 for now.

If I go back and choose 20 or 25 would that make the encoding of my whole project (Menus and h.264 Blu-Ray) a little better quality than it is now? Will it increase the size of Encoded project so when I hit the Build tab again it will show I have less space available to use? I want to make the project as good as it can get without going over the 25 GB limit.

One other thing.

Wih my final project on the Encore Timeline, when I have the Sequence active, on the Project tab in Encore it reads: 19.1 GB Encoded (Audio and Video). the final encode is 23 GB. Why is it going down to 19?

The video looks good and I could burn it to a Blu-Ray now and it would look great. I just want to know if there is some way to make it a little better inside Encore without having to Encode my whole project at a higher Bit Rate knowing that It will be a little less when I bring it into Encore.

Thanks in advance

Premiere Pro CS 5.5
Media Encoder 5.5
Encore 5.1

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Jeff Greenberg
Re: Encore Gives me lower reading in size of file than it encoded to. Why?
on Apr 20, 2013 at 3:06:35 am

Most menus are irrelevant in encoding - especially if they're stills...the data rates can be much lower.

Don't try to max out the bit budget for a disc if you can avoid it. Getting it 'really close' is painful when you're off.

I can think of a couple of possibilities of the 'why' you have more space (such as the calculations being based on 30fps material or the build being smaller than it is.) These aren't necessarily right guesses - just possibilities.

If it looks good, just burn the disc. :D


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