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Encore CS5 - use a selector or Arrow instead of a button?

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John Jones
Encore CS5 - use a selector or Arrow instead of a button?
on May 12, 2012 at 5:40:31 am

I'm trying to make a blu ray disc using CS5 Encore, I already made a dvd (but using DVD Studio Pro) so I am trying to do the same type of menu in blu ray using Encore.

The main menu is a video with the menu items as part of the video, so for example "play movie" is part of video, "extra features" is also in the video. By having these as part of the video loop in the menu background they have cool shimmering effects and so on that you cannot do with text buttons. The main menu is just a video loop with nothing else, but now I have to figure out how to select "play movie" and so on.

So I don't need any buttons per se, I just need an arrow or underline or bullet or something to indicate which selection you are on and then if you hit up or down it indicates the prior one or next one using another arrow or underline. This was easy to do in DVD Studio Pro, you just insert 4 arrows and link them to the video destination and you are done- it highlights them only one at a time so you only ever see one, and you can arrange them anywhere; but I cannot figure out how to do it in Encore CS5.

It seems that if you reduce a button to just an arrow or line then you have arrows and lines under all the actual buttons (which are not really buttons- they are part of the video) simultaneously rather than just the one indicating a current selection. Unless I am missing something?

Any idea how to do this?

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John Jones
Re: Encore CS5 - use a selector or Arrow instead of a button?
on May 14, 2012 at 3:57:42 am

OK, I figured it out. I was using the wrong set of buttons.

Here is how you do it I think. I've got it mostly done and I **think** it works but will confirm latery.

1. Select a button like "corporate--> Corporate Video Button HD"
2. Delete the video portion.
3. The text portion you can either delete or keep. I am leaning towards keeping the text (renaming it to something useful) and turning off the view in the "layers" window right before completing the final build (deselect the eye next to the text and it won't show up in the final render.)
4. You can now edit the "underline" in this button. click the "=1" in the layers window to select the underline/highlight, make it bigger/smaller/thicker/thinner.
5. change its color by clicking "menu"-->Edit Menu Color Set and changing the color for selected state or active state of highlight group 1.
6. Preview these with the preview buttons in the menu window or check preview in the menu color set.

preview the project and you can see that the underline shows up selected/activated as you move the cursor around or use the arrow keys.

You need a "link" for the button in order to see this all work, you can temporarily link to other buttons on the same menu or link a button to itself to see this work.

Did I miss anything?

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