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Can't build DVD - I give up!!

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Kala Rackley
Can't build DVD - I give up!!
on Jul 23, 2010 at 1:20:03 am

Arrrrgh!! I have been working on this slideshow/presentation for a reunion in Las Vegas that is taking place this weekend! I have been working on it for days. I have never used Encore before, & have been learning as I go along. I am using CS3. I am on a 32-bit PC. I didn't have enough time to do something super special in After Effects, so I went with Encore since there were so many automated-effects options.

My flight leaves tomorrow. I am in charge of this whole shebang. I can't pack yet because every time that I try to build DVD folders, or an image, Encore works for a while, & then it crashes, telling me that it needs to close but not why. But they do there's that.

I have looked all over for solutions. I have followed some (including turning off the start-up programs through msconfig). I am at my wits' end. I have learned so much through reading in this forum over the last few weeks...perhaps someone can help.

I will friggin' pay someone to take these files & make something for me that I can use on Saturday to project onto a screen. Vegas is calling. I can't answer yet.

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John Mitchell
Re: Can't build DVD - I give up!!
on Jul 23, 2010 at 4:43:49 pm

Hi Kate - how many slides do you have?

From memory Encore is limited to 99 per show (which is actually part of the DVD spec).

Remember if you add effects between slides, Encore has to render those things out, and I've found this to be buggy in the past. Make sure your render presets are set to the right format as well.

To try and get around your problem you can try a number of things - delete all the files in the various caches that Encore has - this will force Encore to re-import all it's media and recreate the various jpegs and mpegs it creates for still frames.

Limit each show to about 45 slides especially if you are using Encore's built in transitions.

Make sure you use the check project command to check for errors.

You can try rebuilding your project from scratch (yikes - but I'm here to tell you this has worked for me before as a last resort).
If worst comes to worst it is possible, with a little planning to put together lightning fast slideshows in AE by preplanning you moves, using Photoshop to prepare your stills properly (fit image, automate), creating some preset zooms and transitions, that you can copy and paste between layers and then using the sequence layer command to set them out along a timeline. You would be swapping "cheesy" for "classy" that way :)

Best of luck and don't panic!

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John Frey
Re: Can't build DVD - I give up!!
on Jul 23, 2010 at 8:48:55 pm

All of my 'slide shows' have been produced in an NLE - Vegas for many years and now Premiere. I have done hundreds of these ranging from as short as 25 images with a single song to multi disc projects with hundreds of images. All of the assets are easily put together in an NLE and 'camera moves', music timing, titles, etc. are easily arranged and timed. Just burn the finished project to DVD or, better yet, to BluRay. If you need more flexibility, author more than one video in Encore with a full menu. If CS3 Encore is simply not behaving itself on your current computer, use a simple program like Nero to do the final burn. Good Luck!

John D. Frey
25 Year owner/operator of two California-based production studios.

Digital West Video Productions of San Luis Obispo and Inland Images of Lake Elsinore

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