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29.97 Output from Premiere

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Jonathan Hensley
29.97 Output from Premiere
on Oct 26, 2013 at 7:10:10 am

Hello world.

I am having an issue my with Intensity Extreme and Premiere 6. I do not have a sequence setting for 1080P at 29.97. I have contacted BMD support, and the customer service rep said she was "unfamiliar with that particular product."

Are 1080 29.97 sequences something others have installed on their machines? Or is it just an unsupported feature?

I am running OS Mavericks and driver version 9.8.1, but this problem has persisted since Mountain Lion and previous driver versions.

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Bret Williams
Re: 29.97 Output from Premiere
on Oct 30, 2013 at 3:56:34 pm

What do your setting choices look like? This is with the 9.8.1 drivers and PP CC on Mac.

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Sarah Jones
Re: 29.97 Output from Premiere
on Oct 31, 2013 at 12:58:29 am

Hi Jonathan,

From our conversation in August, we determined that the contents were not installing on your system, leaving Premiere CC to only use the contents for your Sequence Presets. At that time in our office, we had not seen any instances where only a portion of the presets for CC were installing and I listed steps for you to manually install the remaining presets on your system to provide the 1080p29.97/30 sequences you were looking for. However, you still were unable to output 1080p29.97/30 through your Intensity. This information was passed up to be looked into on our end.

You're now on Premiere CS6 rather than CC? We have a new MacBook Pro running OS X 10.9 Mavericks, so to replicate your setup on a fresh system, Premiere CS6 was installed on this system followed by an Intensity with Desktop Video 9.8.1. In this situation, all presets were loaded and Premiere's sequence settings look the same as the screen shot Bret posts here. However, if for some reason the presets did not copy over automatically, you may manually copy the presets over yourself as we discussed previously. I will include these steps again here for everyone's information. These are the same for Premiere CS6 and CC.

Location of BMD plug-in and Sequence Preset files: 
/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Blackmagic DeckLink/CS6

Copy the plug-in files listed below into the following location:
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CS6/MediaCore/

Our plugin file names:
DeckLinkRecord.bundle (or IntensityRecord.bundle for Intensity)

Locate the Adobe Premiere Pro file and righ-click and select "Show Package Contents" to see the folder structure within. Copy the Blackmagic Editing Modes.XML file into the following location:
/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/Adobe Premiere Pro Modes/

Copy the SequencePreset folders found in and/or into the following folders:
/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/Adobe Premiere Pro

This should then allow Premiere to access all the Blackmagic sequence presets.

We also tested HDMI output from the Intensity with a Blackmagic 10bit YUV 1080p29.97 sequence. To our Panasonic HDTV, the 1080p29.97 signal was not seen, though other video formats were. When we tested from other sources at 1080p29.97 to the TV as well, we saw that this television does not appear to play nicely with this video format.

We then tested the Intensity output to other devices such as a capture card and also converted from HDMI to go into an SDI monitor. These additional devices took the signal without issue. We would certainly advise confirming that your monitor accepts this video format. Not all HDMI monitors will, and it's possible that the signal coming out of the Intensity is not being picked up there.


Support Representative
Blackmagic Design Inc.

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Jonathan Hensley
Re: 29.97 Output from Premiere
on Nov 17, 2013 at 6:09:21 am

Hi Bret and Sara (nice to speak with you again). Thanks for your replies. Sorry for being late to get back to you. I've been traveling and didn't want to respond until I got to test your new steps out.

Sara, this time the process you described worked. I finally got a working 29.97 output from Premiere.

In answer to your question, I use both Premiere CC and 6 depending on the client.

One of the problems I noticed was that when I re-copied the DeckLinkDevice.bundle file over, for some reason, the file became corrupted. For example, it said it was created back in 1984. I finally managed a successful transfer over.

Thank you for taking the time again to respond. However, although this process did work, I would ask that Blackmagic please try to resolve this issue. It make it extremely tedious as a user trying to navigate two programs (CC and 6) to reinstall the drivers manually every time there is a new Driver release. Though I am sure there are reasons for the way it is laid out now, maybe it would be possible, for example, to install all of the intensity presets in the instead of trying to merge it with the Decklink Presets? So please pass this on through tech support.

Thanks again for responding.

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