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Pocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation

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Alistair FergusonPocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation
by on Apr 13, 2012 at 4:12:42 pm

I've just recently joined and really enjoying the site so far, wonder if you guys can help or if anyone from BMD can advise as it seems some of their guys answer questions on this side of things too.

I'm freelance and I've used the full size version of the ultrascope in facilities and now thinking it would be great to have the functionality of it when I visit indies who have nothing more than an Avid on a desktop situation and the Pocketscope seems ideal for plug and play audio / picture monitoring!

Am I right in thinking that there is still no more update on the laptop situation with this product. I know the HP Envy 15 (1st gen) seems to have been compatible until it was updated by HP but what now?

From what I've read on here it seems BMD are being very coy about this and just saying well when we find a laptop that works we'll let you know. Surely they should be buying every laptop from the coming out with USB3 from the respected three and trying it out or at least speaking to the laptop manufacturers about the required spec and finding one which would work and then it could be championed to us to buy - seems a win-win for them and the manufacturer to release this info.

For the price, size and functionality, it seems they have a killer product here and considering I've used the PCI version of it in a desktop I know it works and is a respected for what it does - I am selling off old kit and literally ready to throw money at a reseller and a compatible laptop manufacturer for this...

Can anyone advise?

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Alistair FergusonRe: Pocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation
by on Apr 14, 2012 at 12:24:48 am

Note to myself re-read what you've wrote before you post! Apologies for that hopefully you all can skip over the mistakes above...

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Juan SalvoRe: Pocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation
by on Apr 14, 2012 at 6:05:46 am

Right now for this kind of solution, I would recommend a MacBook pro with thunderbolt and an ultrastudio 3d, with the scopebox software. Which is awesome. This solution would allow monitoring and scopes all the way up to 2k.

online editor | colorist | VFX | BD author

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Alistair FergusonRe: Pocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation
by on Apr 14, 2012 at 9:15:46 am

That's a very interesting solution, I had been thinking of buying a new I/O box as well as the Pocket Ultrascope to replace my SDI Mojo. This seems to do everything you would need, but are these third party devices completely reliable in the new MC?

I've only ever experienced rock solid cutting from first party hardware from Avid (ABVB, Meridian, DNA, Nitris). I did use a Matrox MX02 Mini last year at a clients place but it was fresh out the box and required a bit of going round and round with drivers to make it play happy with MC but when it finally settled down - it seemed a great wee box... but this was only for monitoring!

Also I didn't even think to look at other software which had the same functionality - doh! That looks interesting, obviously not quite as visually polished as the Ultrascope interface but at least it works. It begs the question when other monitoring software can work with any box - why can BMD not make the other hardware they make, work with the Ultrascope software and release it as a stand alone product in it's own right, like as an upgrade if you want it. Hopefully after NAB someone at BMD might pick this thread up and give an answer...

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Mike SquiresRe: Pocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation
by on Apr 14, 2012 at 4:56:36 pm

My Asus G53SW laptop works with the Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0, and I'd expect the Pocketscope to use the same USB 3.0 specs.

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Bob ZelinRe: Pocket Ultrascope & Laptop Situation
by on Apr 15, 2012 at 3:00:49 am

you have to do the Renesas USB3 update. Do not assume that ANYTHING USB 3 just works with
Pocket Ultrascope. You MUST do the driver and firmware update.

Bob Zelin

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