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International Version Kit

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Camille Greatorex
International Version Kit
on May 13, 2019 at 12:40:24 pm

Hello folks,

Do you ever had to work with an "International Version kit".

Our customer is asking one to declinate the video in other coutries (india / china).

So as i understand, it's a package that you give to another production company, but without all the access to the footage, so that they can't fully modify it, apart for the editable things such as texts..

It seems to work with alpha layers and stuff.

It seems to be something that people usually know about, but it's the very first time i heard about it and i don't know how to make it. I didn't find anything on google, because "video" and "kit" keywords always bring to vloggers article.

does anyone here ever made one ? I work with the creative cloud suite here (premiere pro and after effect)

Thanks a lot for the input, every question that i asked here always lead to interesting discussions

have a nice day

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Mark Suszko
Re: International Version Kit
on May 13, 2019 at 4:33:17 pm

Sounds like you mean an EPK, "Electronic Press Kit", which we also sometimes calle a VNR (Video News Release).

It's a collection of clips and other visual resources like stills and maybe graphs and charts, that an editor can assemble into finished story at the news stations. Because it's meant to be a "construction kit" of clips, you make sure the clips you choose to supply have a bit of "handles" on either end to support dissolves or other effects the final editor might choose to employ. You don't send out any clips with any text supers on them; the stations won't use those because they want a clean clip they can out their own graphics and fonts over. About the only thing you might keep on the clips in that regard is a tiny lower third credit in a corner, but even then it's best for maximum flexibility to just ask the end user to add that credit.

As to your specific issue on graphics for foreign market use; again I haven't heard of a format where that's "coded" the way you say. You typically ship the clips with an attached file that identifies the speakers in each clip by time code and spells out their name and title, and if it's for a foreign language, you of course provide the copy and time code references also in that target language.

It can be inserted in metadata, I guess, or just appended to the file as a text file, or fancier, as AE or PEK files or Motion Templates. The editor and producer using the clips should be able to figure it all out and customize it to their own needs from there. If I was doing it, I might add at the end of the package some stills of each on-camera person with the lower-third info already supered on them, just so a foreign editor who might not recognize the person, gets the right name associated with the right on-camera person. The rest is really not in your control, but the end-users'.

The point is to make it as easy as possible for the end user to do something with your story. You generally do not want to do a complete finished edit and hand that off, because no two competing broadcasters in the same market want to run identical material of the identical event. They need to be able to differentiate and make their version as unique as possible.

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