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filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint

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Santiago Pilgrimfilming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on Apr 28, 2014 at 2:20:56 pm

Hi all,

I am looking for the software that allows the filming of a presentation featuring the speaker in one corner with a live feed of the presentation slides. I know this can be obviously done in editing - but this is an efficient solution that minimizes editing times.

Does anyone know what the software is called? Wishing I had written it down when I saw someone using it a few weeks ago!



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Jeff BreuerRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on Apr 28, 2014 at 2:37:54 pm

If efficiency and quick turn around is your goal, you could buy live streaming software like Telestream's Wirecast. That would allow you to feed the Power Point and the Camera into your computer and live switch on set. Even though you aren't live streaming, you can still record to disk.

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Mark SuszkoRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on Apr 28, 2014 at 2:50:15 pm

he's looking for this thread:

Presto, by Red Giant, is the product. While I love many other things Red Giant makes, I have to say I am not a fan of this particular product, or the user philosophy behind it. What it really is, IMO, is a means to repair in post production the fact you had a lazy or incompetent cameraman on location.

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Santiago PilgrimRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on Apr 29, 2014 at 8:17:52 am

Thanks for your reply.

While I respect your opinion, I disagree.

This software is great for showing the presentation whilst filming the speaker at the same time, giving viewers both a taste of the interaction of the speaker and the information which may be conveyed through the powerpoint only - IE diagrams etc that the speaker is refering too, thus making the presentation richer.

Certainly in a world of cinematography it makes no sense and looks rubbish, but in a world of business where people would like to see what's on the slides too, it makes sense. That's my opinion anyway.

Again though, thank you for your reply!


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Mark SuszkoRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on Apr 29, 2014 at 4:21:40 pm

No offense taken. I did after all give the info to find the program, even if I don't approve of it myself. I guess the editorial is the price you pay for the free help:-)

It's as you say, a difference of opinion. My bigger point is that you can accomplish what this program does, better, by using pro shooting techniques in the first place, and editing by hand and eye and ear, rather than defaulting to what is essentially a face-tracking program that replaces the eye of a dedicated camera operator and director, and instructional designer, and uses scaling to re-size a shot, which could have been of higher visual quality if manually tracked thru the lens as it was shot.

I do trainings like this all the time, where you have the speaker in one box and the slide text in another, and you bounce from a full-screen of the speaker, to the full-screen text, and the 2-shot, as appropriate for getting the message across in the best way.

My fear is that casual users don't bother with those kinds of nuances. And that casual use of programs like this, leads to a rising glut of ineffective videos. That, in turn, hurts the every-day potential client's understanding of what pro video can do, and it depresses the market for good videos done with more hands-on care and craft.

Sure, it's a "quick-and-dirty solution".

My point, I guess, is that I feel in general, we need less quick and dirty, and more care and craft, to really do justice to the viewers. The thing I really hate to hear is: "we tried doing audio-visual presentations, but they didn't work/give much results"

Well, no, they won't, if they are produced badly. Reading powerpoint slides into a lens is not good instructional design. And having automation take over too much of the communication may be a time and money saver but I argue it gives poorer results.

So yeah, I'll help you find the tool you wanted. I just really disapprove of using the tool and I feel strongly enough about it to spout off about it. Hopefully, people understand my reasons for that opinion.

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Santiago PilgrimRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on May 6, 2014 at 4:39:59 pm

Thanks Mark, I'm glad you took your time to reply.

After researching the software further and then coming back to see your reply you've actually convinced me. There's no point in paying for a piece of software that's going to automate my productions and make them the same as everyone else using this software. While it may be 'easier', you made an excellent point - and one which I am finding truly affects our field - people often don't see the point in video because they've had them done cheaply and subsequently they don't attract interest/people/leads.

The way I think I am going to do this is by importing the slides as image files into Premiere and manually adding them in when required - is that how you would do it?

Thanks, I feel inspired now.


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Mark SuszkoRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on May 6, 2014 at 6:29:03 pm

I'm shooting one of these tomorrow, in fact. I already have the power points emailed to me ahead of time, and I will be slightly re-formatting them for proper aspect ratio and safe title, and color-correcting them, and adding drop shadow to all the text, to make it more readable in final viewing form. I export targas or tiffs from Powerpoint into a folder, with the default shot duration for that bin set at about six seconds.

For the shoot, I'll have one main camera just for the speaker, and I'll be manually aiming and focusing that camera, changing-up shots, just as if I was directing a live-switched feed. I'm bringing a second camera that will sit right next to the main camera, but locked on a wide shot. Each camera will have differently set exposure, one to optimize the speaker, the other, to optimize a 2-shot of the speaker and the slides on a wide shot. I'm bringing a light kit and actually lighting the podium area, which reduces the light/dark contrast ratio a bit between the speaker and the slides, and this also will help improve the look on the wide shot..

II'll have 4 mics feeding a mixer into 2 cameras so I'll have iso channels of the best audio, plus room tone and audience Q&A tracks. Since I have a second camera to cover the wide shot, the primary can swing and snap-zoom into closeups of people asking the questions. When I cut these together, they look like 3 and 4-camera shoots but only use 1 or 2 cameras.

In post, I already have a 2-box effect preset I made for the timeline, so once my tracks are synched, it's basically directing the switched edit in realtime, really listening to the speaker, and only bringing in the graphics for effect, as needed. If you leave the graphics up all the time, you're making the viewer's attention split between the speaker and the notes. YOU should be making the moment-by-moment decisions of what to show and what to leave out, to give the message maximum impact. It may not be a TED talk, but darn it, I'm going to try as hard as I can to make it that good with what i have to work with.

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Oliver WatsonRe: filming presenter with live feed from powerpoint
by on Aug 16, 2016 at 4:57:48 pm

Hey, guys.

So I get what you're doing in post, but what are you using to live-stream the presentation?

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