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New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?

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David WheelerNew Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Jun 22, 2013 at 7:49:20 pm

Mark's recommendation from four years ago was prompter software from Presentation Prompter from

I have a teleprompter from Prompter People and really have grown to hate the software. After a normal update on my MacBook Pro for security updates, etc., the Flip-Q software no longer works and technical support from Prompter People is inadequate at best. Any new recommendations for free or purchase software that will scroll a mirrored secondary screen smoothly with no problems and that you can easily bookmark to jump from one section to another?


David Wheeler
EX1R; EX3; nanoFLASH; FCP 7; 17" MBP, MacPro Quad, Matrox MSO2,CS5

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Steve BrameRe: New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Jun 22, 2013 at 9:25:58 pm

I love PromptDog.

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Steve Brame
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Mark SuszkoRe: New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Jun 24, 2013 at 2:16:18 pm

I tried prompt dog and prompt pup and found them jumpy on the scrolling, but that was some time back, and they may have improved. There was a web-based freeware one that worked well, and was platform-agnostic, but requires you to be online to use it. There must be fifty apps for prompting out there today... hmmm, probably time to do a review article on them......

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Richard FarrRe: New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Jul 9, 2013 at 5:15:47 am

Hi, I am Richard from Prompt-it Teleprompters in Sydney (
I can recommend Prompt Dog. We used to use it a while ago and it is very good. It is also very affordable ($60) and you can download a trial version to test.

Otherwise if you are after iPad or iPhone scrolling, use Teleprompt+ from Bombing Brain (check app store). It is amazing. Reliable & effective. We recommend Teleprompt+ to all our customers.

I hope this helps.

Happy Prompt-ing :)


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Timothy BarksdaleRe: New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Jul 10, 2013 at 2:43:40 pm

I just bought the Prompter People 17" Flex. This is a very good piece of hardware, but coupled with GARBAGE software. I am furious that any company would produce crap like that. I even upgraded to the Full edition paying $100 extra. Total WASTE of money.

I purchased Presentation Prompter by Ripeware LLC and am so happy it is not even funny. The first time I used it, it installed simply. I was able to control the speed simply. The text looked good. The thing was that it was SIMPLE and IT WORKED. first time - no hassle. I'll have more comments and a much more detailed review coming up. This whole process over the last 2 weeks has motivated me to get my website up and put up reviews of the hundreds of 1000's of dollars $$$$ worth of both Good and Bad stuff I use on a daily basis.

Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way nor compensated in any manner by either company.

Tim Barksdale
Birdman Productions LLC
Choteau, MT
Birdman Adventures LLC
Kansas City, MO

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Margot KellyRe: New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Jul 19, 2013 at 4:42:10 am

We use proprompter on the iPad. It's around $30 on iTunes but does the job well!

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James DowRe: New Teleprompter Software Recommendations?
by on Sep 19, 2013 at 4:01:56 pm

I have an old Listec Prompter that I had quit using. The monitor was old and had limited inputs. The software was no longer friendly with my newer Mac laptops. Several months ago I started checking out Prompter apps on the iPad. The iPad is just a little smaller than the original prompter monitor. The Listec monitor now serves as a tray for my iPad. I use the Teleprompt+ app, and use my iPhone for remote control of the scrolling. I just had to make a spacer for my camera plate, so an HVX200 would work with the hood. Works like a champ.


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