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Usining a Power Point presentation in a Premiere Video

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Old Man in The GardenUsining a Power Point presentation in a Premiere Video
by on Oct 9, 2007 at 1:33:24 pm

I just taped my boss giving a presentation and I'd like to do PinP with him over the Power Point presentation. Any ideas. Will I need to do a screen capture and then import it or or is there a way to just drop the PP file into Premier or AE?

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Mark SuszkoRe: Usining a Power Point presentation in a Premiere Video
by on Oct 9, 2007 at 6:23:53 pm

In powerpoint you can export the show as jpegs, import those into your NLE and add whatever transitions you want. Though if I have the time to do it, I always find it preferable and higher quality to re-make the slides natively in the NLE's character generator, as they will look so much better. You can copy-cut-paste the words from the PPT slides into your CG and save a lot of retyping.

Microsoft Producer is a free download from microsoft that will turn a PPT into an AVI file, you can also try that. Or, use a scan converter or the video-out from your laptop to import the slide show.

As far as putting your boss "over" the slides, well, the easy way would be that you shot him in front of a blue or green screen so you can chromakey him in. If this was not possible during his presentation, you're pretty much stuck with putting him in a box or wipe, with the slides as background, or moving him to one side and bringing up the slides in a box, unless you feel like rotoscoping the whole presentation.

You don't usually want both up all the time, else people read ahead and don't pay attention to the speaker. You also don't want to just show the guy reading the slides, that's radio, we all can read already, why was this thing a video at all instead of an email? USe the slides as intemittent spice or chapter markers int he presentation, keep them off as much as you can and instead mix between tight and wider and cutaway shots of the speaker to keep the screen looking fresh.

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Scot SheelyRe: Usining a Power Point presentation in a Premiere Video
by on Nov 13, 2007 at 4:42:54 am


That is the most concise and appropriate information I have ever seen on this subject. Bravo!

Last year, we had a shoot for Cingular Wireless announcing their 3G rollout for their point of sales centers throughtout the Carolinas. This was a big deal, and involved multiple speakers, several Power Point presentations and multiple video clips (their broadcast commercials from that time period).

We handled it exactly as you mention, with the one added exception being that we were unable to do more than a 2 camera shoot due to extreme space limitations in an overly crowded mini-theater (a convex cascading forum type of venue).

The first camera was set directly dead-center at the top of the theater, and covered both the main speaker(s)and the entire overhead projection screen as well. The second camera was at the 4 o'clock position, if you view the speaker's position as 12 o'clock. The other camera would be considered to be at the 6 o'clock position.

In post, a zoom-in transition was added between the projection screen and the source video clips or the PPT slides, which were exported from the PPT project as you described in your post above. This made it smoother and more natural to the viewer when watching the final video.

As you stated, this effect was not done willy-nilly, but as was necessary to help tell the story. When there was a lot of technical data involving numbers, that was a pretty good indicator that it was time to switch from the speaker's camera (cam 2 at the 4 o'clock position) to the PPT slide or video clip.

At no time was the transition very long in its duration when using the zoom-in trick, it was only a way to bring the viewer up to the full screen. An alternate way to handle this would have been to use a simple cross-dissolve between the camera shots and the PPT slides. Either way works, but the way we did it was very smooth and natural, and drew the viewer's attention to the screen a bit better than a simple cross-dissolve.

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Mark SuszkoRe: Usining a Power Point presentation in a Premiere Video
by on Nov 13, 2007 at 5:05:29 am

Thanks, Mom! ;-)

I would rather just cut than do much zooming or cross-dissolves. People "get it" just fine. But follow your bliss.

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