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c1dumbkidwireless video
by on Mar 25, 2007 at 12:39:21 am

I have a client that wants to wirelessly transmit video from 1 or maybe even more cameras (they will also be recording on tape) onto projection screens. They have switchers ect. and I believe plugging things in and such will not be a problem. I however have never done wireless video transmission.

So I'm wondering what is the way to go, or what products do I need to pull this off? And will using more than one camera be possible. Cost may be a bit of an issue as well too.

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Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.Re: wireless video
by on Mar 27, 2007 at 4:30:59 pm

I think before offering a solution, I would ask the question "Why does it have to be wireless?"

I know there are many factors about the job that we don't know, but I didn't see anything in the post that would require this to be a wireless situation. Hardwired would be so much easier and free of the numerous challenges that a wireless system would have to overcome.

Can you give us more details? Let's hear a little more about the job... and what are the needed transmit distances?


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c1dumbkidRe: wireless video
by on Mar 27, 2007 at 8:35:58 pm

Alright, well here comes a long winded post, sorry for the length.

Myself and 2 others put together a video highlighting a week long jr. high camp mid-july. There are 3 of us responsible for making a video and cranking it out by the last day, there is one or 2 media guys running powerpoint, playing video clips ect. and one or more audio engineers/sound board operaters. They have 3 screens and projectors, all connected to the same source and playing the same thing.

Every morning they have big meetings involving the entire camp in the main auditorium where they have the kids do insane things, every year it's different things. Last year they had at one point big buckets of water in the front. They filled the buckets with water and random crap and they had the kids basically dunk their head in and pull out goldfish or something weird with their mouth. All the kids (which there is a few hundred) rush the front and try to get as close to the action as they can. And the camera people have to be up there and film the crazieness the best we can. Tripods won't work well because we have to move around a lot and with so many kids up there we wouldn't be able to zoom in from the back because many times the action is taking place close to the ground and the kids would be in the way. So we, the camera people, almost have to fight for the best spot, and we are literally surrounded by well over a hundred kids which makes running around with a long cable practically impossible, and I don't think we would have any help with the cable, ie: somebody behind us holding the cable slack and moving it around and such.

The distance from us to the media booth is around 100 feet, maybe a little more.

It's almost total pandamonium with little help and it's not like you can suddenly just reason with a couple hundred jr. highers and tell them to get out of the way; they'd never hear me and probably would ignore me even if they did hear me. So I figured instead of trying to snake a cable up there and have a hundred people tripping on it and stuff, I thought it'd be way easier to send a wireless signal to the booth.

I do however agree with you that running cable is easy and very reliable. My only concern is that the hoards of kids would make running cable impossible, if we could get them stay seated it might work. I'll probably mention that possibility to my client. I look forward to your (or anybody elses for that matter) response.

Thanks so much.

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