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Martial arts promo suggestions

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Paul HackettMartial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 24, 2007 at 12:36:19 am

G'day guy's,

I've been asked about making a promotional video for a martial arts association but they don't want it to be your basic people throwing punches. Has anyone done anything along these lines, they keep saying they want something 'different' but don't have any sugestions themselves as to what it is they want so if anyone has any ideas it would help greatly.

I must admit I'm a bit 'brain dead' on this one myself so any help would be appreciated. I don't want to copy someone elses ideas just some help on something different.

Cheers for now...Paul.

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zrb123Re: Martial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 24, 2007 at 7:47:45 am

Instead of the typical physical aspect you could go with the mental/emotional stuff like learning respect, self esteem, mental stuff like that.

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Mark SuszkoRe: Martial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 24, 2007 at 3:37:17 pm

If they are wanting to stress self-improvement type things over chop-saki flailing, you could go for allegorical, symbolic things. One example:

Closeup: pair of hands working with a sheet of paper, showing how delicate, flexible, etc. it is. Voiceover talks about the mental discipline of martial arts training, combined with the physical poise, inner strength and flexibility you gain, creates a more fully-developed person with the ability to respond to challenges and stresses and overcome buisness... in interpersonal relationships..... While we hear all this, the hands have rolled the paper into a tight cylinder that is shown supporting a very heavy weight like a bowling ball, or alternately, the paper cylinder is shown punching itself into an orange or watermenlon or whatever. You finish with more voiceover, saying something like...

"Join us and discover your true inner potential, be able to do things you never thought you could yourself, plus so much more, at Don's Dojo"

...maybe at this point you unwrap the paper tube to show it now has the Dojo's logo on it, add CG supers, and out.

You could also go the route of shaping the paper into origami structures and shooting that in closeup. You'd need to find a good paper artist, but have them make up origami symbols for boss, job, kids, career, what-have-you, and maybe a paper samurai that defeats all these things.

You could also go comical. Shooting an everyday kind of scene, some little thing goes wrong, like something gets dropped or knocked into the air, and one of the otherwise ordinary-looking people in the scene does a slow-mo miraculous save/intercept of the object, while bamboo flute notes play in the soundtrack. It all happens in a time-dilated wink of an eye, and you play around with if the rest even notice it or not. Can be funny either way. Maybe a couple guys playing office trashcan hoops with balls of crumpled paper, and one guy, our dojo student, in the corner seems to not be noticing, he's reading a report or typing or something, but when the paperwad goes off course and heads towards him, he plucks it out of the air without even looking at it, flicks it around behind his back, where it makes a perfect basket.... in the office two doors down. He goes back to business without skipping a beat. The other guys grumble, "Ninjas are such a drag!"

(lower third ID for Dojo)
"Be yourself, only more, at Don's Dojo"

How about a quick montage of various adult or near-adult bullies, all with bruises, shiners, and bandages, looking into the camera, saying: "I was just teasing a little, he didn;t have to break my arm" "That was an over-reaction, all the others just gave me the money" "I didn't know he could DO that"...
Cut to: over-the-shoulder shot of cops knocking on front door of residence, door opens as we reverse-cut to faces of cops looking forward, then down in puzzlement. Cut to: 7-year-old in karate gi answering the door, who smiles, guiltily. Go to graphics tag.

So you can do a lot of other things than the standard shots. Depends on the theme you want to convey. I thought of these in five minutes, I'm sure you can come up with more if you apply some lateral thinking.

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Mark SuszkoRe: Martial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 24, 2007 at 3:40:54 pm

How about a sequence of a drywaller fixing a man-shaped hole in a wall, obviously some guy had been thrown into it with superhuman force... while he says something about how Don's Dojo has been very good for his drywall business... third time this month already...

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Joe RugbyRe: Martial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 24, 2007 at 3:59:52 pm

Hey Mark,

Where is this Don's Dojo place? I'm ready to join.

Good Luck Paul.




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Mark SuszkoRe: Martial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 24, 2007 at 5:48:27 pm

Domo Origato!:-)

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Paul HackettRe: Martial arts promo suggestions
by on Jan 29, 2007 at 12:45:11 am

Finally back in the office after the last week of a month long shoot. Thanks Mark, zrb...appreciate your time to come up with these suggestions.

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