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Video Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation

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William McQueenVideo Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation
by on Jul 6, 2006 at 12:13:37 am

A commercial client wishes to do two one minute interviews, and integrate them into his power point presentation. Does anyone have any suggestions about the best format for full-screen project integrated into Powerpoint? Have Premiere Pro & Canopus ProCoder Express.

Or, a place you might suggest I could ask this question.

Bill in Toronto

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Thomas LeongRe: Video Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation
by on Jul 7, 2006 at 5:51:54 pm

MPEG-2 (DVD presets) with about 7000 bitrate would look pretty good full screen...assuming the playback PC has enough muscle for MPEG-2 and an installed codec to playback since MPEG-2 is not native to Windows Media Player which Powerpoint inherently uses.

Additionally, Powerpoint itself is a bit quirky starting the playback of videos from within itself. It tends to stutter at the start of play. Best solution I've used is to edit with the first frame of the video as an image rather than black. Set the video up in Powerpoint with a 'click mouse to start play' command or equivalent. On presentation, the first frame of the video would come on screen like a freeze frame, give it a couple of seconds or more to introduce the video, then hit the spacebar, and the startup will be's like giving Powerpoint a few secs to prefill its buffer before playing.

Thomas Leong

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Lawrence MarshallRe: Video Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation
by on Jul 10, 2006 at 11:43:49 pm

If these are talking-head interviews, and if by chance your client wants guaranteed playback on multiple machines, I would suggest MPEG-1 or Windows Media files before MPEG-2. I've had lots of "MPEG-2 in Powerpoint" experience, and you'd be better off going with a format that is more universally playable (e.g. - if a computer doesn't have a DVD player and/or decoder with MPEG-2 playback capability, you won't get video playback. MPEG-1 has less issues and more likelihood of playback on different machines).

An MPEG-1 with a high-encode bit rate (8-10 mbps) can look mighty good at full-screen and still play smoothly. I've integrated talking-head MPEG-1 interviews into presentations, and instead of going full-screen, I expanded the video frame to maybe 70 percent of the slide, putting into a mortice on the slide's background or building some other interesting graphic around it.

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ppattonRe: Video Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation
by on Jul 14, 2006 at 2:58:01 pm

I would suggest that you find out what version of office your client is using, as from what I have seen in using powerpoint, is that Microsoft changes the formats of video that powerpoint will play. Instead of adding formats they change them all together. I have had this problem several times, i will set up the video for the version of powerpoint I use, only to not have it work with the version that the client uses.


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Thomas LeongRe: Video Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation
by on Jul 15, 2006 at 5:28:42 am

Generally, I find that the freeware from MS called "Powerpoint Viewer 97" is the most compatible Powerpoint player regardless of Office version used to produce the powerpoint. Some may say one has to 'Pack and Go' the original for compatibility, but I have not found this to be the case. I usually just re-associate .ppt files to be opened by PPTVIEW.EXE (or use Right-click > Open With...) and that seems to work for me.

Handy utility to store permanently in one's USB flash drive.

Thomas Leong

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Rich RubaschRe: Video Format for streaming with a Power Point Presentation
by on Jul 31, 2006 at 2:28:11 am

I do this all the time. I absolutely use Windows media 9 for full screen video playback and I use the Windows Media encoder to encode it. I usually make it 640 x 480 from and uncompressed AVI clip and deinterlace it. Interlacing looks very bad on a comuter screen or projector.

I keep it around 2000 mbps. Also, although someone suggested a poster frame, I find I get a better transition in and out of the clip if I fade from and to black beginning and end. Stick with that.

As for versions, I use 2003 on the PC and if they use PPT 2002 or 2003 everything should work fine. If they are using 2000 some of the fades you might use might be cuts. They will have to have Windows Media 9 player on their PC to playback the movie. Do NOT settle for WMV ver 8. So your requirements would be PPT 2002 or greater and Windows Media Player 9. If you only have Windows media clips playing full screen and no other embedded external files you can use the 2003 PPT player and everything should still work, and if it does, then they only would need the WMV player 9.

Use windows media for full screen (and even smaller clips on a slde) playback of video.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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