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portable power supply for light kit

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edrportable power supply for light kit
by on Apr 28, 2006 at 5:57:11 pm

I am getting a Smith Victor Thrifty 500 Total Watt 2-Light Kit with Case kit. I will be shooting indoor(interviews and green screen) and outdoor. What is the best portable power source I can use? I know I do not need a generator b/c they are powered by gas(not safe to use indoors). The closest power source I found for my needs was a XPower Powerpack 1500.

I am not sure this will be powerful enough. I estimate that I will need the lights to run for at least 4 hours. I am also thinking about getting a more robust lighting system that would have a total of 2500 watts. I only need to use this power source for my lights. My camcorder and mics will be running off of their build-in power source.

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Geoff TirrellRe: portable power supply for light kit
by on Apr 28, 2006 at 10:29:21 pm

Why not use a generator you just cant run it indoors but you can run a power cable to where ever you need it. Otherwise consider useing house electricity when you are inside. As for battery's they may proove too unreliable for your needs. Though Anton Baur does make a kit for this.


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mark SuszkoRe: portable power supply for light kit
by on Apr 30, 2006 at 12:05:05 am

That S-V light kit is likely not going to cut it alone for greenscreen work of anything larger than a hand puppet.

Outdoors, the first choice would be reflectors, since the sun is free, and reflectors can be done VERY cheap.

Generators can sure be a problem for noise, unless you can put them far away, around a corner, and then you lose so much with the long cable runs, it's hardly worth it. purpose-built gennies for film production do the job, but cost money.

If this is quick and dirty, you might consider putting 12-volt bulbs in the S-V's and powering them off a truck or deep-cycle marine battery, even off a sturdy inverter running off a well-muffled automobile. Bring jumper cables in case you still run the car battery down too far for a re-start.

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