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Questions about corporate vid and fx

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Markus335Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 9:18:14 pm

Hi folks,

I'm new to this site and new to having my own video biz so my questions may be pretty basic...

I'm starting out in trying to break into the corporate video market after 6 years as a staff editor for a post house in L.A. We did projects that were pretty straight forward and didn't involve alot of fx. Mostly cutting video to music and dialogue.

I just spent the last half hour looking at the demo reels area and there are some really good motion grfx, animations, special fx reels etc. and I was blown away.

So now, after having seen some of those demos I'm wondering if I'm out of my league here. Does the corporate market now expect their videos to include these types of images? Or is it really a matter of yes, some will want that and others want more straight ahead type productions. What DO they want?



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ChxeditorRe: Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 11:20:52 pm

I'm new to the corporate world as well, having been a staff editor for years at cable networks or production companies. At this shop we love to use digital juice type backgrounds; I do lots of layering and split screens. We shoot a ton of green screen for presentations and then key the people over various backgrounds. The Avid editors use After Effects for most of their cool work; lots of rotoscoping, interesting text treatments.

the bottom line is ... Yes, we want to make as compelling videos as we can.
I hardly ever just cut together full screen images ... I like eye candy.

Editor, Muscular Dystrophy Association

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btveditorRe: Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Mar 30, 2006 at 8:41:13 pm

Good day,

I will answer yes to the question, with a but though. The but being there are different types of editors, there are story telling editors, there are editors who are very skilled in effects and or compositing, there are offline editors and then there are online editors. I consider myself somewhere in the middle, but there are time when the graphics are to intense or to time consuming to do, so I have two damn good graphics people to go to. I'm comfortable telling my clients my limitaions as far as graphics go and they are very grateful for that and they also appreciate the fact that I can bring a graphic artist in to do what they do best.

I'm not discounting what Chxeditor has to say, because there have been times where I have had to do it all and then some. We all have, but I'd rather be the editor and work in conjunction with a talented graphics person to deliver the final product. Most of my clients appreciate the fact that when they look at their bottom of line of me stopping down to do graphic or I can continue to edit and the graphics person can do their thing that in the long run they are not spending that much more.


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AlexRe: Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Mar 31, 2006 at 11:56:39 am

Hi Markus,

In the field of corporate production we find that it is indeed getting a little more diverse. Clients certainly can get a taste of this new "digital bling" which can get tossed around a lot. However, it still strongly depends on the message and intended audience. A lot of financial reports/stockholder presentations etc still tend to be quite conservative and effects are subtle. You also have the "CEO addresses" where it's mostly interview style. Often they do not want to be overshadowed with effects and it's mostly a straight-shooting interview.

Having said all that, there is a new breed of corporate video which uses what the advertising world has used for years to influence their audience. Visually stimulating productions which entertain can sometimes make boring subject matter quite appealing. Internal product launches, team presentations/findings, training videos and even corporate digital signage is really embracing digital design aesthetics rather than a plain old text messages and some photos moving about. So yes, there is definitely a need for more design in corporate video. It's not dissimilar to print - you have your plain word documents ring bound together with maybe a couple of colour headings and a front page photo - and then you have your professionally bound full colour gloss prints with beautiful typography and image treatments. Not always necessary, but it can certainly help make the right impression when it needs to count.

You may find the majority of corporate work you engage is interview based with some titles etc. in which case you probably don't need to invest months in learning how to create effects. Learn some basic design concepts, invest in some good fonts and maybe typography books and you'll be surprised how far that can stretch before you need to touch a single effects plugin. Out of all industries I think good, clean design and use of colour is still very much appreciated by the corporate world - I'm sure even Nike don't have vector skater punks morphing into 3D flowers which then burst into the text of their annual report everytime they present. Then is Nike ;)

Good luck.


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Markus335Re: Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Mar 31, 2006 at 5:11:47 pm

Thank you for your replies. It would seem that even though quite a number of clients won't necessarily demand the high level of fx, it certainly will only help my chances of getting gigs if I can get on board with some higher level design capabilities.

Has anyone here used Boris Continuum? I hear it can offer a good value for the money as far as generating some decent fx without an overly steep learning curve.



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John CuevasRe: Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Apr 3, 2006 at 2:33:27 pm


One of the things you should know realize about many of the demo reels you see in the demo forum is that those are compositors and motion graphics people who just do that type of work. So really you are comparing apples to oranges if that's not what you do full-time.

As to the initial query, house I work at does 90% corporate video. Of that, we probably need to use AE for compositing, effects, animating logos in about 60% of the video. If you pick up the AE and the first Trish & Chris Meyer book, Creating Motion Graphics in AE, you will probably be able to handle 95% of your clients needs in regards to that little extra polish for corporate video.

If you check out our site which has quite a few vids up in the gallery, you can get an idea of the effects composition that corporate clients require. Just a warning, most of them videos are of the most visually interesting parts, after the first 20 seconds or so we start showing products or talking heads.

Johnny Cuevas

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Markus335Re: Questions about corporate vid and fx
by on Apr 3, 2006 at 9:54:27 pm

Thanks Johnny for the reply. I checked out the site and it looks like you guys are doing nice projects. CK like a good company to be at.


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