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Mic Interference at the Ceremony

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Thomas Hughes
Mic Interference at the Ceremony
on Jun 8, 2011 at 6:08:58 pm

We film multiple weddings each weekend. We send several crews out.

Can I hear what people use to mic the ceremony? What mics, what techniques, how you choose the frequencies you work in?

We use Lectrosonic wireless mics. We've always put a lav on the groom and on the officiant. Between those two mics and the camera stick mics, that's always done the trick.

Nowadays we have more situations where the mics get interference, and I just wondered if others have experienced interference issues and how you deal with it.

If you ask an audio expert how to be sure your mic will be operating in a clear frequency, they'll tell you the only way to be sure is to arrive at the location early and analyze for a clear frequency then set your mics to those frequencies. It’s pretty impractical for doing weddings especially if our shoot begins where the bride and groom are getting ready and you hit the ground running when you get to the ceremony.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. tx

Thomas H

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Mark Suszko
Re: Mic Interference at the Ceremony
on Jun 9, 2011 at 6:54:44 pm

Lectrosonics makes a set that includes a frequency scanner in the reciever. Turn on the RX, scan, find an empty channel, set the mic toi match it, done.

One brand of wireless includes a Digital audio recorder int he mic transmitter body, recording to a tiny memory card, so if the RF link takes a hit, you still have a clean copy on the memory card.

One question I would ask you is; are you still on the old wireless frequency bands that the FCC auctioned off for other uses? When did you last upgrade the wireless? What band and channels are you using? has the unit been calibrated recently? Lectro dealers are very good at customizing their mics for known good frequencies in various areas, like your home town. This of course only helps you to not clash with other local Lectrosoncs users, it has no effect or defense against somebody with another brand coming in from out of town and stepping on your channel.

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Michael Folorunsho
Re: Mic Interference at the Ceremony
on Jun 11, 2011 at 12:04:07 pm

I'm no audio expert but have you considered using a separate audio recorder like the zoom H1? I did previously use wireless lav mics for weddings but recently switched to using the H1...the quality is superior and the issue of interference is eliminated. The only thing is, you can't monitor the audio while filming.

Michael Folorunsho - Freelance Filmmaker

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