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Wedding Videography - Switching between monopod, slider, and steadicam

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Trip NixonWedding Videography - Switching between monopod, slider, and steadicam
by on Apr 19, 2011 at 2:14:52 pm

Hey all you wedding videographers. I used all canon DSLR. I have a question about shooting a wedding, especially things that are happening really fast. I have been watching some of these really nice wedding videos, and I swear that the videographer must be carrying all his gear at once to get as many shots as they do. I have 2 videographers (my wife and I)...and she usually runs on monopod exclusively....but people move around and things get crazy, I need to have the assurance that I can get a single cam up and get my shots when needed. That being said, I am the guy running the steadicam and sliders. I was wondering, do a lot of you carry a backpack with a skater slider, or keep your steadicam attached...or what route do you go? I have a blackrapid strap with one DSLR around my hips, and I keep an extra DSLR in a small backpack on the back attached to a skater slider. (ready to go in an instant) Especially those shots that roll out into the isle while the bride is walking down...

I always have to then run and get my steadicam when I wanna switch up to that. How are you deciding what to use and when...and how much are you carrying (especially all you DO IT ALL YOURSELF IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT type people).


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grinner hesterRe: Wedding Videography - Switching between monopod, slider, and steadicam
by on Apr 20, 2011 at 3:51:04 am

opportunity depicts what I limit myself with. I usually shoot reality stuff handheld because I can't afford to be slowed down. I shoot scripted hooha nicley lit on sticks. There is a full gammot in between and what I do and ultilize revolves around what is purchased and expected.
...just like you.

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Brent DunnRe: Wedding Videography - Switching between monopod, slider, and steadicam
by on Apr 20, 2011 at 2:17:37 pm

Skater dolly's are limited since the floor varies so much. It might be too bumpy.

You have to know you venue. I never shoot the entire event with a steadicam / glidecam set up. I'll do a few shots ( bridal party down isle / bride down isle / fly by on the sides and that's it. I shoot to edit, so I know I'll only use about 3 shots max during the ceremony.

If you have a 2nd DSLR camera, why the heck is it in your bag? I have a trick up my sleeve, especially for those restrictive churches where you can't move at all. I put a camera on a tripod than a 2nd on my slider on the floor. I use the floor angle to face the bridal party as they come down the isle, then from the back as the bride goes by. When I have my tripod cam framed up, I slide the slider out into the isle and get a few shots, then I'm done.

By having your extra camera already set up, you won't have to fumble around swapping cameras. Or you might have to swap it from your steadicam to the slider. I also use my tripod as a monopod, so I can open the legs if needed and move.

Brent Dunn
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Trip NixonRe: Wedding Videography - Switching between monopod, slider, and steadicam
by on Apr 20, 2011 at 2:34:15 pm

Well, for now, I am in Japan...and the ceremonies are quite different, often just in a restaurant (kinda fake western style)...or in a the normal rules dont apply for isles and stuff for me. But, getting ready to start a company in Hawaii...and some of those videographers really got their shit straight. The seem to get more than that even...but are only sending 2 videographers. Some of those hawaii videos just seem like full productions....really good. Actually, for the most part...I have my 2nd camera on a monopod, and one on my side...letting me grab and get handheld when I need (have a tamron 2.8 17-50 with stabilization) so I can get the best hand shots I can. I have tried to make a game plan here in Japan, its just been tough as each situation is so different...

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Joshua MooreRe: Wedding Videography - Switching between monopod, slider, and steadicam
by on Aug 15, 2011 at 5:48:06 am

We do a TON of wedding films, also all DSLR. (examples of our latest stuff can be seen at )

We frequently only have two cinematographers on a wedding shoot. Sometimes we will have 4 at huge events like Indian weddings, and sometimes only one. We will have multiple dedicated camera/lens setups ready to go (a steadicam, slider setup, monopod setup, tripod setup, etc...). That way we just set one system aside and grab another one for quick changes. We also use universal quick release plates across all our cameras and equipment for rapid switching around when needed. Part of it getting to a point with your gear where it works for you not against you. We don't carry extra stuff around, no backpacks, no extra camera around the neck, just the camera we are using. Then tripods and sliders are in their places. All the rest of the gear and lenses and whatnot gets stashed somewhere easily accessible if we need it.

Hope that helps.

Joshua Moore
Shooter - Editor - Motion Graphics - VFX
Feature films, commercials, promos, cinematic wedding films, etc...
I work at Higher Definition Media & Lovestruck Films

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