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james williamsVideo Capture
by on Nov 25, 2007 at 12:45:36 pm

Once again I'll call on the group to give me some advice.

I create video presentations for events around town. Most of what i create is done inside the computer with some live video mixed in on occasion. Because of the need to do an occasional wedding and some small concerts and the stuff i use in my presentations, i purchased and use 2 Panasonic DVC30s and a smaller plamsize 3ccd panasonic camera. While they are clearly not the best they have done well on the projects i've had so far.
Now i have a project that is requiring a camera to shoot live to large screens in a large banquet type room. Primary camera location will be about 100' back in the center. I regularly send video to screen in this type of setup. I send it from my computer to the projectors. Now i need to send a camera feed to the computer and handle everthing thru a video mixer as i have other preprepared video clips and stills to send as well. The video mixer i use is the ARKAOS NUVJ. It does not except a video signal, although it will recognize any video signal coming into the computer from any source and mix it with files on the computer. I've used it before, under fire and it performed well.
I need advice on how to get the signal from camera to computer. I'm testing using analog out adapted to a coaxial cabel for the long run then adapted to usb capture device. It works but i'm not sure this is right or best. Do i need to rent a better(mini dv) camera(low light conditions with spot lights) and if so what model would connect with a computer without the addition of major hardware.
Please forgive for the long winded post. I would appreciate your advice on this setup.
J. Williams

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Mark SuszkoRe: Video Capture
by on Nov 28, 2007 at 5:09:11 am

You know that old saying: "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"? From the way you describe it, I think your computer IS the problem, not the camera.

But your world until now revolved around that box, so this frame of reference seems the norm to you and generally made sense for the way you worked.

Most times I've been on or seen others doing IMAG type work, it's switcher-centric, even if the switcher is acomputer like a Tricaster or Toaster or similar... and the problem is getting the stuff out of the computer into the switcher for the final compositing and feeding of image to screen.

My dos centavos is you need to reimagine your traditionl flow. If this is a one-off job, rent a switcher and a studio-head-config camera with long-throw glass if you need that. Might help with the telephoto wobbles. Feed said camera into rented switcher, add your magic computer source to the switcher on another input. Genlock the whole thing and enjoy the show.

Unless I'm missing something?

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James WilliamsRe: Video Capture
by on Nov 28, 2007 at 1:04:53 pm

I appreciate the input.
J. Williams

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