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Video Booth ... ?

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Jeffrey StonerVideo Booth ... ?
by on May 26, 2007 at 6:42:37 pm

anyone have any experience renting a "video booth"? y'know, similiar to the old photo booths. i'm in florida and have a client that would like one but the best resource i can find is in canada.

any thoughts where i could find one?


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Mark SuszkoRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on May 30, 2007 at 3:34:09 pm

Why not just build one locally?

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Arlen BellRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on Jun 4, 2007 at 6:26:41 pm

What does the client want this video booth to do?
Record 1 minute and "kick out" a DVD?
Or is he/you looking for something that produces a "print" or sketch from the video image -- like a photo booth?

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Jeffrey StonerRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on Jun 4, 2007 at 6:33:26 pm

the client wants a booth where a subject can walk in, sit down, and be recorded. the end product could be a dvd or digital tape -- doesn't matter since i'll be doing the post on it :)

there is a company in canada that has them, but nothing here in florida. the company in canada is: gabzebo dot com ... cool product!

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Mark SuszkoRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on Jun 4, 2007 at 6:39:14 pm

Portable modular narration booths in various sizes are available from places like Markertek and Fullcompass. From there, adding modifications to hang a camera and fourescent cool lighting should be trivial.

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Doug GrahamRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on Jun 6, 2007 at 4:12:33 pm

Well, the customer is always right...but I see a couple of problems with the concept.

1. The big attractions of the photo booth are privacy, and immediate delivery of the final product. This proposed video booth would do neither.

2. If you're going to edit these, my assumption is that the vendor is planning on offering a fairly high value end product (a professionally edited video). However, the booth format would result in a very poor background, and very likely poor lighting as well.

3. Another advantage of video is movement. Putting the talent in a booth eliminates any kind of movement, and reduces the end product to one long "talking head" shot.

Doug Graham

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Mark SuszkoRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on Jun 4, 2007 at 6:34:27 pm

I took it to mean a quiet space off to the side of a reception, where you could record a personal message to the newly maried couple, or some anaecdotes or whatever, without feeling too self-conscious and with acceptible audio.

Unless we're talking a sales table for selling DVD dubs from??? Origina question was kind of vaguely written.

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Mark SuszkoRe: Video Booth ... ?
by on Jun 6, 2007 at 10:19:02 pm

I don't know if you listen to a lot of NPR, bu they have a series called "Story Corps", where they set up sound booths not unlike the old photo booths, and people interview each other for short personal oral histories. The best ones are aired weekly on NPR.

A booth could work well for unattended recording: by confining the area a subjact can move in, you keep them in focus and framed as you want, more or less, without distractions. You could even put a greenscreen in the back and then pop these interviews in over other wedding and reception shots for a nice look. It IS a challenege to light, however, you can make a very nice super-ringlight around the lens using flourescent compact bulbs or even several strings of white Italian style xmas lights, and get a very nice close-up softlight effect for cheap. Lighting the green backing would be a bit harder, but doable if the booth was longer than it is wide...

I remember shooting weddings and trying to get table interviews and the like at the rececption. You have a very narrow window of time where you can hit up people for remarks at their individual tables, and they have had enough time to find their tables, get comfy and maybe have a tongue-loosening drink before being asked to make an improvised speech... You don't/can't bug them while they are eating, it's gross as well as unprofessional... If you wait until they are done or nearly so, other reception events start to unfold, the band starts up, people leave the tables to mingle, and you lose the chance, plus the noise level gets quite high.

Asking them to come out into a hallway works, but you don't have much control over the look there unless you set up a backdrop and light it and etc. plus nobody wants to go out of the room in case they miss something... and neither should the wedding shooter. Finally, mamy of the best interview subjects are too self-conscious to say anything in a crowd, but WILL open up in a more intimate setting.

So I can see where a booth right in a corner of the reception area makes some sense. Too expensive and to much work for most, but for high-end clients, yes, very much, I can see it...

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