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Hard Drive for my Camera

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robertbecHard Drive for my Camera
by on Dec 1, 2006 at 7:28:20 am

Hi all

had a problem on the weekend where i used a BRAND NEW JVC tape and half way into the recording the tape was rinkled which i never new so when i checked the footage at home i had nothing for about 2min just black lines running across the screen with alittle footage showing but the problem is it happened when the bride & groom were entering the reception

What i want to do is invest in a hard drive to work in sync with tape
what do you guys recommend i have been looking at the FOCUS Firestore DR-HD100 for JVC i own a GY-5001e or there is a unit which sits on the back of the JVC DV-5000 which uses removable hard drives
Any ideas of whats good

Now the couple will get me footage from a handycam what a joke



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Doug GrahamRe: Hard Drive for my Camera
by on Dec 5, 2006 at 4:45:26 pm

For your cam, the Firestore that's specifically made to interface with it is probably your best choice. Other makes and models will work, but you'll have to rig some sort of mounting scheme.

Doug Graham

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Ralph HajikRe: Hard Drive for my Camera
by on Dec 16, 2006 at 6:15:03 pm

Hi Doug,

I was just reading this post and I wanted to ask you a question on the Canon GL2. I do a lot of traveling and was looking into buying a hard drive set-up for my camcorder. Do you know if the Firestore will mount onto the GL2 or will I have to clip it onto my belt?

Thanks and Happy Hoildays

Ralph Hajik
Westmont, IL

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twedgeRe: Hard Drive for my Camera
by on Dec 18, 2006 at 11:54:42 pm

Hope it's not too late to reply.
I use a Firestore hard drive and it's attached to my JVC DV Gy5000.
It has the 40G unit so it records about 3 hours. I use Avid Liquid for editing and it records in Liquid's format so no conversion or digitizing is needed. It's simply drag and drop from one hard drive to another. Takes about 8 minutes to transfer an hour of video via firewire. I absolutely love it. It's my main recording media. I also record on tape but it goes in the closet after a shoot. In 2 years of using the FS I've had zero problems with it, unlike what you and I and others have experienced with tape problems and clogged recording heads.

A note about my Liquid editing system and the FS HD. When doing a multi-cam event, my editing system will only allow a multi-cam edit session from a "digitized" source. That is to say, I can't drag and drop from one camera and digitize from a 2nd and edit the two together in Liquids multi-cam system. Both sources must be digitized first. Just something else to be aware of regarding using Hard Drives.

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