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what editing systems are you guys using

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robertbecwhat editing systems are you guys using
by on Jun 24, 2006 at 10:04:57 pm

hi there

i just would like to get an idea of what type of editing platforms people are using and what is there main fields eg. weddings , specail events ect.
my main work at the moment is wedding and am using pprem1.5 with rtx100 but am thinking very hard on changing to avid so i can get work in different fields.
Premiere is just not industry standard for say news channels and production companies
do i upgrade to axio le or fcp is anyone using avid
i love using prem but i realy want to expand my skill levels in other areas

any feedback helpful



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mateobishopRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jun 25, 2006 at 2:47:54 am

Hey! I used to used premiere but then got introduced to Sony Vegas. I have used avid before but don't want to change my entire work station at this time. I immediately got hooked on vegas. The workflow is so much smoother and one of the biggest sellers for me was the audio interface that vegas has. I do a lot of weddings and commercials and also produce a show using this. There is nothing I need to do that I can't do with this software.(mixed with after effects and photoshop and such) I'm not at all saying it's the best or easiest but it's definitely helped me out a ton!! Faster, better production!

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mark SuszkoRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jun 26, 2006 at 3:06:40 pm

Actually, a lot of editing places that have multiple seats still keep one around with Premiere on it. One thing Adobe did that was smart was practically give premiere away in the old days; you could get it bundled with a lot of video cards, particularly with Pinnacle products. At one point I swear you could get a copy of Premiere inside a box of breakfast cereal (well,almost. You got it free if you bought a certain make of firewire card at one time.)

Because of this liberal policy, (and a lot of cracked warez versions on top of the legit distribution) Premiere got a LOT of market penetration. Once you have a lot of copies of the NLE out, you generate a lot of people who are able to edit on it, and so if you have edit suites to rent out, it makes a kind of sense to have a copy of Premiere handy for all the people who like to use it. And you can find people almost everywhere who are familiar with it, if you need to hire someone on a temp basis.

Is it (premiere) something I would suggest to use in a fast-paced ENG environment? Well, no, but lots of TV stations keep a seat of it somewhere anyhow. They likely use it for making spots, or special sweeps packages that are not as time-sensitive as daily news and need more complicated effects. This is not going to be the case forever though; large to mid-market stations will continue to get tighter and tighter integration, as they move to central servers and SAN's and custom unified solutions. This will be mostly Avid territory. Small market stations that can't afford a massive rebuild of the entire plant will tend to keep whatever they have as long as it is working and paid for. Such places will tend to keep their copy of premiere going, and if the upgrade to the new version is cheap enough, will upgrade to that rather than switch to something like Avid. For the time being.

As far as non-news editing, really, the situation is quite open and fluid at this time. For corporate stuff, or private work like documentaries, event video, etc., even for making commercials, the platform doesn't matter in the least, only the results that come out of it, and that's as much a function of the operator's skills these days as what nameplate is on the box. If you want to work at a specific shop, and they use brand "x", then obviously it is an advantage to be already fluent on that platform. However, if you are good on platform "y", and they like your reel based on what you did using "Y", it's no big stretch to get you cross-trained on "X" in a short time. So very much is common to all the platforms these days, converting the person from one to the other is a relatively minor deal.

For film, and for commercial TV drama, etc. the entrenched NLE's of choice are mostly Avids with FCP coming on strong as an alternative. Walter Murch, the Oscar-winning editor, pioneered using Avids to cut film, but has become an FCP evangelist over the past decade. Typically (and thios is only opinion) you might see FCP adopted by those shows working on a tighter budget, or those that may not need the depth of clip management features Avid touts as their strength. The two rival platforms are racing towards a convergence of features though, and many folks are questioning why pay so much more for the cachet of the Avid name if you can get the same work done cheaper on FCP. This puts a downward pressure on the prices Avid can charge, and also forces Apple to improve FCP to match Avid feature for feature. Everybody who edits, wins.

With the recent strides in digital film making and HD, things are in flux again and the main decision point these days seems to be: will this software be able to work with the (insert format flavor of the week here) footage from my (insert camera name of the week here)? And will it be compatible with next week's "new hotness"?

I use FCP as well as "Autodescreet" Edit here at work, and we still do linear here as well with a grass 200 and a 141 controller.

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robertbecRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jun 27, 2006 at 9:25:51 am

HI there guys

great response Mark

Im here in Sydney Aust. and if you dont know Avid then your not respected within production companies and news channels Avid is there first choice followed by FCP
i have been a loyal user of prem and matrox but maybe its time to move on to a bigger pond
what it comes down to is being able to work in different areas of editing
weddings,doco's,music video,news, etc. and dont get me wrong i will never give up cutting weddings but its time for me to take the next step and my biggest concern is spending money on avid

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frapalRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 2, 2006 at 3:26:18 pm

I dont know if i can halp you much but I am in sydney too, so just thought i dropped a line :-)
I started using Avid for a show i edited, i thought it was powerful but temperamental. Then i started using Premiere Pro and i realised how much better (for me) it was. THe fact it's PC friendly and it doesnt crash as often, and it is so much more intuitive made me recommend it highly.
WHere do you work here?

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robertbecRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 3, 2006 at 12:21:36 am


thanks for you your reply Frank i have a wedding production business but am wanting to expand my knowloge in other areas
email me your details and if you like we can tee up a meeting dont know many editors in sydney
email address is

thanks for your reply


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wayne grauelRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 3, 2006 at 1:34:11 pm

Since i just stopped over on this forum I thought i would add my 2 cents to this question.

I have used Media -100 's for years and it is a great format with a very intuitative work flow.

But. I got Vegas about a year ago and started working little things (old habits are hard to change) and the time line was a huge difference (in how it looks and feels)

But let me tell you, the more I did with Vegas the more i liked . and to make a long story short... the ability of vegas to just drop in any media you want, any audio format, is great.

check out some training DVD;s by people like Gary Kleiner. Also Vegas uses "Scripts" which turned a 2 day, 2 show dance shoot with 3 cameras into a virtual snap to edit with multi-cam scripts.

Go to the Vegas forum for more indepth discussion as I am still a Novice when it comes to what some of those people know - I edit on a need to know basis!!!

So, a strong recommendation on Vegas from me. (anyone wnat to but a couple of Media-100's???


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FuddamRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 3, 2006 at 5:07:27 pm

2nd thumb for Vegas here


speed, speed, speed. stability. quality of codec. cope with just about any media on the timeline in any combination

yada yada yada


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robertbecRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 3, 2006 at 10:15:31 pm

i have never seen vagas in action and i have been told by many people that you cant view your work on your monitor in real time is this fact or fiction

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FuddamRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 4, 2006 at 5:35:32 pm

realtime where? on your NLE - yes of course, better than most, in fact.

realtime on your broadcast monitor - yes, though framerate it depends on your pc grunt - is just running out via firewire

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zrb123Re: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 14, 2006 at 5:15:16 pm

I use Final Cur Pro, one of the biggist things I love is the Integration with the other Final Cut Studio Software. Soundtrack, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Live Type, Compressor - the only thing missing is the camera

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Jonny FilsingerRe: what editing systems are you guys using
by on Jul 21, 2006 at 2:24:14 am

I used Avid for several years as well as Premere Pro and once I got exposed to FCP last year, there was no turning back. For the money, it is the most powerful system available. I bought my first FCP HD system and 6 months later my second and sold all my other systems. Two weeks ago i purchased my third system, a 17" MacBook Pro with the dual core intel processors. It absolutely screems. Now I can take work home with me and work at night and on weekends if I feel like it. I could get 4 complete FCP systems for what I paid for my Avid. Good luck.

Jonny Filsinger
Master Video Productions
Memphis, TN 38133

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