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VX2100 combines with HDR-FX1 advice needed.

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Harlan RichterVX2100 combines with HDR-FX1 advice needed.
by on Oct 7, 2005 at 2:02:06 pm

I am thinking about getting a HDR-FX1 to use as a third camera at wedding shoots. Will the video shot on my other vx-2100s look about the same as the video shot on the HDR-FX1 (hot in dv mode)? ( lighting, color etc.)


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Jeff CarpenterRe: VX2100 combines with HDR-FX1 advice needed.
by on Oct 7, 2005 at 2:16:13 pm

I can't really say for sure, but I would suggest putting the FX-1 furthest away from the action. I suspect it will look slightly sharper than the other cameras even if you shoot in DV mode, but since the long (zoomed in) shots tend to look a little softer anyway it should serve to simply help to make the back camera look a little better...look more like the front camera.

If you put the FX-1 up close to the action then your close up shots will be even sharper than the back camera than they already are and that's when you'd probably notice a difference, I'd guess.

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jerniganbrandonRe: VX2100 combines with HDR-FX1 advice needed.
by on Oct 18, 2005 at 4:01:54 am

I have 2 FX1's that I shoot weddings with and I would say that in DV mode they would match to the VX2100 pretty well. Personally I would not spend an extra $1,000+ on a HDV camera to shoot in DV mode with other DV cameras. The FX1 is a really nice camera to shoot with and I would recommend it to anyone with the budget. If you weren't going to use the FX1 for anything else then I'd go with another VX2100. The FX1 in DV mode is not to me any sharper than the VX2100. If it is shot in DV mode it is shot at 720x480 just like the other DV cameras. Just because the FX1 has those high res. CCDs doesn't make it a high def. camera in DV format... Look at the time of battery when shooting in HDV opposed to the DV mode, something isn't being utilized as much in DV mode when you have a lot more min. to use than the HDV mode. Just do what ever you want, I think you will do fine getting another VX2100 if you are going to use it as just a 3rd camera. I think you should go with the FX1 if you plan to get another one or 2 in the near future since HDV is awesome quality.

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