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Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!

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TheBtrainWedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 21, 2005 at 3:39:58 am

Hi all,

Just after some equipment advice.

I'm a wedding videographer and have just made the step of purchasing a Sennheiser wireless lapel mic system (ew112 G2).

The other equipment I use is as follows:

Canon XM2 (called the GL2 in NTSC land)
a Sennheiser MKE300 directional mic
a set of Koss headphones

My issue is that the wireless mic (on the groom's lapel) is going to be perfect for the majority of the ceremony, but what is the best solution if there are some readings being done that are not in the vicinity of the groom? Do I remove the wireless jack from the camera input and rely on the camera to do the best it can? Or do I try and have the directional mic ready to plug in and hold it for when the readings are being done? (The XM2 has only one accesory shoe - not sure if there are any apadtors to remedy this situation)

I guess another solution would be to have another audio recorder for the mic to record to, although I don't really want to have to go and spend more hard earned already...

If anyone has come across a similar situation using these mics, any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance...

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Don GreeningRe: Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 21, 2005 at 3:10:12 pm

Get the MA300 mic adapter from Canon. It's made for the accessory shoe. You'll need to buy the XLR adapter from Sennheiser for the wireless and plug that into one of the XLR connections on the MA300. Use the other XLR on the adapter to plug in your directional mic. Make sure your MKE300 has a battery in it for power because the MA300 doesn't have 48v phantom power. This will be your best case scenario for getting clean audio from the groom and for any speakers/readers during the ceremony if have only one camera.

Or you can get a BeachTek piece that accomplishes the same thing and is adjustable. This route might cost you a little more money, though.

- Don

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Mark SuszkoRe: Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 21, 2005 at 3:21:12 pm

Lots of event guys swear by using a throw-down iriver as a backup device for these gigs, and editing the audio in post. You can find numerous variations on this digital audio recorder at and other places. If you're trying to avoid editing and want to get the best audio live, in-camera, then yes, you're going to need another mic and perhaps a mixer, or fast hands swapping cables. If you can't afford to get one of these recorders or a second wireless, perhaps you're under-charging your clients. You could also look into renting a second wireless just for the gig, if you know in advance.That's less money. A second wireless is a good idea anyway, you'd havea backup if the first one has frequency issues at the venue, or you can get the second unit with a stick-type mic and use it at podiums and to pass-around at receptions, etc.

Another thing to look into is, many churches now have wireless hearing assistance devices hardwired into the P.A. system, very clean feed. They may not advertise it very much, so ask. You just ask the usher for a reciever, typically they use a mono mini-plug for a cheap earpiece, its easy to use a 20-dollar radio shack cord/adapter to bring that into your camera. I've done this three times at different venues and it worked GREAT every time. I bring my own fresh battery for the church RX units, they are usually 9v alkalines.

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velmaRe: Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 21, 2005 at 10:33:38 pm

I'm one of the videographers who swear by the "throw down" iriver. THey are super simple to use....super simple to capture the sound via usb....super simple to sync up...and the audio sounds great.

I also use my sennheiser shotgun for some of the audio. I use this adapter:

You can fit your quick release plate on it. Works great.

good luck,


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Mark Von LankenRe: Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 21, 2005 at 7:33:25 pm

Did you buy the wireless system with the XLR plug transmitter, or just the lav transmitter? If you have the system with the XLR transmitter you can program it to be on the next channel up or down and then with the flip of a switch on the receiver, activate the podium mic, strings, sound board feed or whatever you have plugged into the XLR transmitter. This feature makes the one input receiver act more like a 1.5 input receiver. I do this all of the time.

As already suggested, you can buy an IRiver or Minidisc, but then you have to capture it and sync it. It's not really that bad.

For a typical wedding I will have a Sennheiser wireless on the minister, groom and the XLR transmitter on the strings. If there will be readers at the podium I will use the minidisc or a 3rd Sennheiser wireless that feeds to the second camera. I also place a mini disc on the strings so I can have all of the pre-ceremony music and then I have options in post.

For best results, I would highly recommend using a mic on the key sound sources, groom (brides voice will be covered with his mic), minister, and podium or musicians. This will set you apart from those using just one wireless and an mic on the camera.

All My Best,
Mark Von Lanken
Picture This Productions, Inc.

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TheBtrainRe: Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 22, 2005 at 1:34:31 am

Thanks everyone for your responses. Certainly given me something to think about!

Up until now I've gotten by just using the MKE300 directional mic, but it was definitely time to move up.

I think the MA-300 adaptor, in conjunction with the directional mic, will probably be the way to go in the long term, maybe with an iriver as a 3rd audio source?

At the moment though, as this next wedding is outdoors, I've thought of running the wireless mic through the XM2 input and hooking the directional mic up to the backup camera and synching up the audio in post. Although as I'm doing this solo, it does mean I will be looking after 2 cameras for a small period, but I think it should be OK.

The other alternative - without purchasing any more equipment, is to try and remove the wireless receiver from the accessory shoe and quickly change over to the directional mic. I'm not sure about how confident I would be about doing this in less than 5-10 seconds or so...

Any thoughts on this solution would be appreciated. Thanks for the responses thus far!

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Mark SuszkoRe: Wedding videography wireless mic assistance please!
by on Sep 22, 2005 at 4:03:22 am

markertek sells a gadget that makes two shoes out of one, pretty cheap as I recall. But will probably mess up your nahd-held balance a little, adding wrist strain. might look into that though.

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