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DVD labels and cases...

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KatDVD labels and cases...
by on Jul 14, 2005 at 3:01:55 pm

Does anyone have any suggestions for printing the case liners and labels for dvds? The program we have absolutely sucks, everything comes out looking very pixely, so we have to put stupid blur effects on the stills so that it looks like we meant it to look that way. At this point, this is no longer acceptable. We would like to be able to pull a still from our footage, and be able to print it for the cover. Does anyone have a software program that is good for doing this, or is there a better solution, maybe having them printed somewhere professionally?! Like at Kinkos or something? Please help, we are in a serious bind right now!!!

Video D'Amour

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Jeff CarpenterRe: DVD labels and cases...
by on Jul 14, 2005 at 3:26:36 pm

Make sure your document is starting out at 300 dpi. If you drop a video still onto that, it should only show up at roughly 3 inches wide. If you make it any larger than that you'll start to pixelate it.

What I do is put more than one video clip on one cover. I blend them together so they look nice, but I don't blow them up. I figure it's better to have 5 nice, tiny pictures than 1 big and pixelated one.

If that's not the problem then I'd also suggest using some kind of photo paper along with printer settings to match. That can sometimes help.

(When you say everything comes out pixely, do you mean the text you've typed or just the video clips? If it's EVERYTHING then you might have printer issues, but if it's just the video clip then just try my advice about leaving the image small.)

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Todd at UCSBRe: DVD labels and cases...
by on Jul 14, 2005 at 9:18:13 pm

To echo Jeff,
If it's the picts not blowing up enough to look good, that's video.
I don't know how friendly you are with Photographers, but gettting a couple of ditial still from them would work out much better. Or buy a $200 snap shot digital camera and take a couple while your there. Hell you can take a couple shots of the Engament pict, Cake, Book, whatever is specific to their wedding/rec and put it on the front.
Or ask the bride for a good pict in advance. Etc, etc. etc.

But trying to blow up video for a DVD cover won't work, not enough info in the video still to make larger.
Good Luck,

Todd at UCSB
Television Production

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_OOO_Re: DVD labels and cases...
by on Jul 20, 2005 at 3:27:29 pm

If you are printing video frames at 300dpi, the largest you can print at is something like 2 inches x 1.5 inches in size. You really can't expect to print full framed DVD covers and get the quality and resolution that you see on your big TV. Either re-work your design to incorporate multiple frame grabs, or get wedding day photos from their photo album and use those instead.

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