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promoting business at weva?

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brianlucepromoting business at weva?
by on May 2, 2005 at 7:28:38 am


I am interested in opening a post production business. Is it possible to rent a booth at the WEVA convention this august? Is this a good place to start getting my name and services noticed?

Or better yet, what is the best way to promote and market a post production biz? I want to initially cater to the wedding guys and work up from there.

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Doug GrahamRe: promoting business at weva?
by on May 2, 2005 at 2:25:18 pm

I'm not sure there's a viable market for wedding editing. Most wedding videographers prefer to edit their own footage. There is a small overflow from backlogged and high-volume videographers, though. Then there's the walk-in client with amateur footage who wants it edited. These are often far more trouble than they're worth, since it takes a lot of editing to turn a sow's ear into even a polyester purse.

A small "boutique style" or "project studio" editing service can be successful, but the competition is fierce from both the upscale and the low-budget "I've got a computer and an editing program" ends. You need to have a good demo reel and some references from past projects.

Maybe some small edit studio owners can chime in here. I'm out of my depth, since 95% of my editing is on my own footage.

Doug Graham

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Mark SuszkoRe: promoting business at weva?
by on May 2, 2005 at 4:24:39 pm

I think you're right. However, it might be possible to build such a post business if you hook up with a pro camera shop, one that serves serious amateur and commercial photogs. The referrals there alone might pay for it, making anniversary montages out of animated stills is a very popular gig, and if you can do it better and faster than joe and jane civilian who lack 'puter skillz, there may be a niche market there you can exploit. The reason I think it might work there is that it leverages the camera store's film developing business: they get more film sold and processed and maybe scanned, you keep them from getting bogged down in the editing.It's a win-win.

You will have to figure out what to do about copyrights, both on the pro pictures they bring you, and for whatever music they want you to put on. Let's not have that conversation here right now, it's a separate issue, but it is something you will have to factor into the business plan one way or another.

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brianluceRe: promoting business at weva?
by on May 3, 2005 at 6:29:50 am

Thanks for the insights guys, I realize that there isn't much money in wedding post but i thought it would be a good entry point which would lead to greener pastures. You have to start somewhere right?

That being the case, would the WEVA convention be a wise choice for my proverbial omaha beach? How much exposure could one get there? I've never been.


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KlausRe: promoting business at weva?
by on May 3, 2005 at 12:05:27 pm

The ability to cut a good wedding video is a highly specialised skill that demands a mix of sensitivity to subtelties, the ability to work with effects in an appropriate way, and the ability to work fast. Such a person would be desireable to an ambitious wedding video producer who is keen to spend more time working on his business and generating more work, and less time sitting at an edit suite. The type of producer who realises that in order to make a really decent living in the industry he needs to generate more work than he can handle on his own.

I would suggest that, rather than setting up a stall, you attend the convention and approach other stallholders, or, better yet, approach wedding video producers in your local area directly and, if you have a good reel, should be able to secure enough work to move you closer to your aforementioned 'greener pastures'.

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Story CatcherRe: promoting business at weva?
by on Jun 1, 2005 at 2:44:35 am

Hi Brian.

I do video production as a full time business so I might be able to offer a bit of insight on your idea for WEVA.

I would imagine that a booth at WEVA would be some serious $$$.

One of the posts had a good idea about targeting the locals in your area. Making a friendly business alliance is always a good thing. You can both put work back and forth. Some of the wedding videographers have a different full time job and if they are popular, I'm sure they're quite busy in the evenings and weekends - leaving little time for family life. Your services to edit might be a good way for them to still make money with the filming, but relieve some of the pressure with the editing.

Hope it works out for you!

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