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Back in the USSR

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Nigel FareyBack in the USSR
by on Jul 10, 2015 at 3:00:15 pm

No seriously
UK here just joined to improve film making or atm just short 15 min vids.
I'm using Screenflow because seems more user friendly regarding putting a story across than iMovie Elements etc..
I will look most days in to get used to Cow.< How did you come up with that name btw?
Cheers N

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Tim WilsonRe: Back in the USSR
by on Jul 10, 2015 at 5:24:39 pm

Hello Nigel,

Welcome to Creative COW! I hope you're able to find what you need here!

The name is very simple: Creative COW was founded by Kathlyn Lindeboom, and she loves cows. :-) Her home is full of stuffed cows, pictures of cows, cow clocks, you name it.

The idea was also to come up with an organic name, rather than a technical name. Other tech companies use organic names, of course. Apple and Adobe are the biggest in our industry, but companies like Blackmagic Design and Avid have also taken a non-technical approach to naming their very technical businesses.

The name worked on other levels. Creative COW's CEO Ronald Lindeboom (both Kathlyn and Ronald have retired from the COW's day to day business) grew up on a dairy farm. One of our members also pointed out that COW might stand for Communities of the World: Creative Communities of the World. I like that too!

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Tim Wilson
Creative COW

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Nigel FareyRe: Back in the USSR
by on Jul 10, 2015 at 11:52:47 pm

ok yep that seems organic enough for me, I'll have a pint Tim.
Do you know I nearly didn't find this reply so please ignore anything which could have got posted in a fluster.
Could you reply here for a noob getting the hang of how to and where to?
btw I have a vid that needs compressing before sending. Not commercial its a story,comical perhaps.500MB or so

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Nigel FareyRe: Back in the USSR
by on Jul 12, 2015 at 1:56:40 pm

I'll ask here if thats ok? ..
Do you at Cow primarily use pro software like Adobe Premier ?
me not wanting to spend the money when I'm at the stage of newness to movie making, is why I use Screenflow atm.
your thoughts on Screenflow v Pro progs
when you have time btw


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