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Capture Card for NON INTEL Mac

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Ben NorthenorCapture Card for NON INTEL Mac
by on Mar 17, 2011 at 10:59:40 pm

I'm tying to buy a capture card for burning VHS tapes to DVDs on my NON INTEL Mac G5. I bought 2 already and they don't work.

1. Was the Elgato Video Capture

2. Startech 2.0 Video capture cable

I'm out $120 and frankly a lot pissed off. Why can't I just find a cable to do what I need. How can I convert VHS to DVD on my G5 NON INTEL Mac? This is very frusterating and I want to jump out of a very tall building. Someone, Please help me....

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Fred JodryRe: Capture Card for NON INTEL Mac
by on Mar 18, 2011 at 7:30:17 am

Try something immediate and reliable.
My suggestion to get you out of a jam immediately,
1. Step one. Determine if your input will be RGBS out of a decoder, (rare but good). composite video or SVHS composite video right from the VHS machine to the capture card, or VHS machine to firewire or USB converter back to reencoding into the capture card.
1a. (The reasons for the different types above is what capture cards are available etc., and a particular workflow might let you drop in a camera and prism scanner for film or a camera rescanning from a monitor if you have to transfer off a terribly burned VHS. Usually it is just the composite video or SVHS into the cheap-o capture card.
2. Good, now you can use your cheap-o capture card to fire into a PC computer run on either the cheap-o card`s original software and maybe Windows 2000 and a Yamaha/ESS or Creative sound card, or use Ubuntu Studio 9.10 or 10.10 with the exact same hardware and the optional advantage of editing. Ubuntu Studio happens to be really terrific at burning DVDs using the just about failing DVD burners of that we often have some around. By the way, when installing Ubuntu Studio there`s a place in the middle of the hour`s install where it asks you if you want to install,
11. 2D, 3D (Sounds like publishing, maybe not.).
22. (Something I forget.) Answer, No!
33. LADSPA horror audio. Answer, No!
44. Audio Video editing. (Audio only Sound Recorder? I forget.) Answer, yes!
3. Now you`re out of the jam. You can now concentrate on if your Hackintosh G5 will accept An AJA Kona LH family or BlackMagic DeckLink family card etc without losing your shirt during the next weeks. Next questions still here on the Cow. One trouble is that the manufacturers obviously make and sell too few of these cards. I can`t figure out a good logic why.

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Fred JodryRe: Capture Card for NON INTEL Mac
by on Mar 20, 2011 at 2:10:40 am

Oh, I`m blind. Ben, I thought I had read that you were using a non- Mac Mac. Nonetheless the answer`s at least partly the same. Grabbing camera shots on a regular PC and a regular card is amongst your options, with burning a disk or memory stick to transfer it to the G5 for editing, is typical.

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Ben NorthenorRe: Capture Card for NON INTEL Mac
by on Mar 20, 2011 at 4:13:01 am

No, I need a capture cable for a Non-Intel Mac. I've spent $120 on wrong cords. I need one for a NON-INTEL Mac. I want to convert VHS to DVD on my G5.

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Fred JodryRe: Capture Card for NON INTEL Mac
by on Mar 20, 2011 at 5:06:29 pm

Ben, one of the closest or best things to your Mac PPC and price would be a BlackMagic Decklink and cables. Seems to me that the Intensity made before the Intensity Pro but still sold new will pop into your G5 (and would work standard definition all the way down to a G3, a G2 has a built in card!). Get the card new with it`s cables and don`t bother getting a used one for $189 instead of $199. The Intensity Pro is the same card except it has one of those PCIe x 1 slots on the bottom which is slower than some PCI slots, and which your Mac G5 doesn`t have. Your other card and cable will have to go on the shelf. They are not for a Mac. -Sorry for the stern news!

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Hoping ChenRe: Capture Card for NON INTEL Mac
by on Mar 20, 2011 at 5:23:31 pm

Before I was capable of buying any expensive video card, I used a very
basic method to transfer VHS videos to DVD. I don't know if this would help since it won't keep the best quality.

I connected the VHS to my DV Camcorder and then connect to the Mac with firewire.


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