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I've Some Big Question

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Mohammad Taghi KarimiI've Some Big Question
by on Jun 20, 2008 at 7:05:34 pm

It's My First Post
sorry for my poor English
Hi Everyone who read this post
i have some questions OK
1-I send so many emails to Andrew Kramer , Aharon robinowitz and cow masters but anyone of them answer my question! Why?
the question was? I'm an Iranian boy who wants to buy your products
i don't have paypal and i don't know can you send your product for me to Iran?
2-this question i send to cow : hi , i want to be a cow leader and make my own tutorial dvd's i know about after effect and photoshop and other design software's and other elements , how can i be a cow leader , i must make money for my Education , can you help me please?

this is the reason i think they don't like answer my question?
they think I'm a stupid guy! i live in Iran and they think I'm terrorist , they think i want to cheat them

please help me to know whats going on here
thanks to all of people who cares about other people problem

Just Try To Best Until You Death

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Tim WilsonRe: I've Some Big Question
by on Jun 20, 2008 at 9:17:13 pm

Hello Mohammad,

1) The ONLY way we accept payment for DVDs to ANY country is with PayPal. Even the United States! Everyone uses Paypal.

We sell very many DVDs in Iran...and Iraq, and UAE, and Egypt...and many other Arabic-speaking nations. And also Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Belarus, Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria, Luxembourg, Canada, Israel, Turkey, and many dozens of other countries. We will be very happy to send our DVDs to you if you can use PayPal, or find someone who can order the disks for you.

2) The DVDs we sell are by people who already ARE leaders in the Creative Cow. They are not students. They are working professionals.

We will be very happy to help you learn more in school. Please post your questions in the Cow forums, and you will find many people glad to help you.

Good luck!


Tim Wilson
Associate Director,
Associate Publisher, Creative Cow Magazine!

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Ron LindeboomRe: I've Some Big Question
by on Jun 20, 2008 at 9:34:31 pm

Hello Mohammad,

First, please understand that our leaders are all volunteers and they do not get paid to offer their knowledge here, freely to our members. They hold "day jobs" and they are often very busy working on projects and so they sometimes take days to write back to me and my wife, and we build this site.

No, we do not think you are stupid and we do not think that you are a terrorist. We have many Arab members and some of our leaders and authors are Arab. Some of the countries represented here in the COW's leadership team are Syria, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait and others.

We are proud to say that we are a worldwide community of people that work hard to help and to understand one another. While we are indeed human and sometimes issues arise that can highlight our differences as people and the different cultures we all hail from, we are also very committed to working as a worldwide community that may help in some small way to bring understanding between us all. To that end, many of our Arab leaders and members interact and are friends with our Jewish leaders and members. We sometimes joke that we are the real United Nations, without all the mess and expense of the fancy limousines or the diplomats and their high cost parties.

To see our leaders and the countries they represent, please visit:

So, please do not feel that anyone here looks at you in the manner in which you expressed. That is simply not the case.

As to becoming a COW Leader, that comes about by the COW Team selecting new leaders from among the people who post answers and help for other members. We watch for those members who are actively helping others and whose posts prove that they are truly helping lead the forum they post to, so we write them and ask them to make it official by joining the team.

We never put up new leaders who have not been involved in the site. We look for active members who have been contributors and who are already leading. So, the likelihood that we will add a new leader who has not been active in the COW forums, is very unlikely. It is not a matter of where they hail from but is due to the fact that becoming a leader in the COW is built on recognizing the ones who are already leading by helping.

We spend many many thousands of dollars every month building a site to help people around the world to be better at what they do. All of our services are free. The only items we sell are the DVDs and that is because we work with our leaders to help them publish and sell their titles. But all our tutorials, podcasts, newsletters, our magazine, etc., are all free. Because of this, we do not get involved in direct sponsorships of students or others that ask us for help. We are already helping many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and therefore do not have the resources to help beyond that. When we do help someone with direct money sponsorships, it is to help one of our leaders whom we know is in trouble and needs assistance.

As to the way to get DVDs of the Creative COW Master Series to you there in Iran, I do not know. We are only set up one way to work and that is with PayPal. We are a small company that is built up of only 5 people that do all of this and it is a LOT of work and we do not have every option available to us due to us being such a small company.

So, in the end, I do not know what to tell you as to why Andrew didn't write you back -- as Andrew's company has grown so much that he rarely posts in the COW any longer -- or why Aharon Rabinowitz didn't write you back. I suspect that Aharon is very busy as he and his wife are expecting a new baby and he is working very hard to get things ready for this new addition to their family.

Tim Wilson may interact here in this thread, as he might know more about the politics of mailing to Iran. I do not do that part of the business, so I have no idea whatsoever as to if or how we can mail to Iran. I do know that we cannot mail to Cuba and a few others places. If Iran is one of those places, I do not know.

I hope that I have been of some help in getting you to understand what the COW is and isn't, and how and why we function as we do.

Best regards,

Ron Lindeboom

Remember: Burt Bacharach lied. What the world really needs now is an undo button.

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Sahadeo BatesRe: I've Some Big Question
by on Jun 26, 2008 at 6:07:34 pm

I really think that he just need to release some hot Air. Perhaps if he had explain how long he was trying for it might have been better. He should understand that the Cow Leaders are providing there services free of cost and not obligated to anyone. A lot of countries don't have PayPal and those who have access to PayPal charge a lot of money extra when someone asked them to do somthing for them. The same thing happen in Guyana (where i'm living), and we don't have copyright laws here, so if they buy a dvd or anything for you the duplicate it and make a lot of money off of it and don't give you anything, although it's wrong.

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Tim WilsonRe: I've Some Big Question
by on Jun 26, 2008 at 8:45:29 pm

Thanks for the answer Sahadeo! Very helpful.

What kind of work do you do in Guyana? We have Cow members from all over the world, but I do not remember seeing Guyana before!

Thank you for being part of the Cow!

Tim Wilson
Associate Director,
Associate Publisher, Creative Cow Magazine!

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Sahadeo BatesRe: I've Some Big Question
by on Jun 27, 2008 at 2:12:28 pm

Hi there Tim,
It gives me great pleasure to see you replying and putting up my post. I meant no harm to Mohammad, but somtimes people just want to be notice or just like being disrespectful or unreasonable. I am for one very greatful for this site and are hopeful that i would never ask this site for it leaders for help in any financial way. I think that once i take note and utilize all the freebies from you guys I would be able to market myself and don't have to seek help. I am quiet sure there's lot of businesses in Mohammad's country that he could make commercials, informercials, edit documentaries, create logos etc. for and get money. I have a job and i still depend on outside job to get enough money to maintain myself, my wife and my one year, six months old daughter.
Guyana is a country in the South America, and our neighbouring countries are Surniame, Brazil and Venezuela. Our Population is around six hundren and seventy thousand people. We have six races leaving out the mixed race, and the size of Guyana is eightythree thousand square miles. We have over 362 waterfall including the Kaieteur falls, which happens to be the highest one drop water fall in the world.
I'm am the only video editor working for the PNCR. It's the main opposition political party in my country. For approximately 14 year i'm been working in the media. I've worked as a printer and darkroom technician in the newspaper world, then as a transmission operator for television stations. After that i move over to analog editing and gradually teach myself digital editing without and help whilst learning to use a computer at the same time. At presently i still am not anywhere close to calling myself a videoeditor amongst you guys (cause you are really good) but i still try and keep learning. I am presently using Corel draw, adobe preamire, photoshop, Illustrator, after effects (cs3) and trying to get Lightwave and maya.

Our country have no copyright laws as i mention before and there's a lot of advertising agencies and bottom house advertisers which compete against one another and make the price for we the real stars in the digital world drop.... There's no books, training dvd or any source of training materials available here for i personally depends on THIS tite. We have only one University here and it dosen't teaches anything close to what i am doing so i would forever be grateful to this site.

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Mohammad Taghi KarimiRe: I've Some Big Question
by on Jul 14, 2008 at 8:56:06 pm

Hi There
i don't know what should i say now , a few reply but very useful reply.
yes , all of you are right special Sahadeo Bates and i didn't want to be impolite sorry for that.
already now i work in so many company for logo design , advertisement , I'm the leader of graphic design in our university and its good for me , also I'm working in a ict weekly magazine as a writer , and totally i teach in some institute ( graphic design and video editing ) all of this working give me $700 per month and i must i must spend 500$ to 600$ per month for living

a good news from me is : i register a new domain but not hosting
in next 3 month I'll come up with so many thing in that site
the name of my site is :

i want to share everything i was don't know about them and i spend lots of money and my times to learn i want to share them

Welcome To Be Director

maybe i shouldn't post this and write about the problem coz that wasn't a really big problem , i know what do you say i understand it
maybe i have to record some video tutorial and upload it somewhere or i upload some of my design or i don know what i must say know
now i really confused about this

what should i do , you know so many country's have problem now days
special my country and you what is the problem.

i was start using computer in 1996 when i was 8
and start working in so many company when i was 14
i don't know now what you think about me a jealous guy a impolite guy a lazy guy or ...
but i didn't want to say any thing bad to you
if you live in my country you can find out how people living

now i don't want to be a cow leader and i know you don't led me be
when i ready to be a good leader and i finish everything about my website and i have my own product and be active in forums then maybe i can be , i must change so many thing in my mind

and the last thing i talked about your website with my parents
because already i live with them and they want to say to this site
thanks to your helpful guide lines and everything
we pray to all of you

and my last thing to say : thanks to creative cow
sorry for that big problem , thanks for answers and maybe a day i can be a good art director. thanks for responsibility

I'm sorry again my English is too poor maybe some of them is impolite and i don't know sorry for them

Just Try To Be Best Until You Death
Never Give Up For Any Thing

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