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Bob Currier
Bob Currier

Synthetic Aperture

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View ThreadAfter Effects 2015
by Andrew Neu 1 month ago
11 month ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadColor Finesse 3 does not load or work properly with After Effects CC
by Phil Hoppes 2 years ago
243 months ago
Mike Johns
View ThreadSlowdowns in AE 2014
by Peter Leeman 5 months ago
54 months ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadProblems with color finesse 2 LE serial number
by Joerg Flemming 6 months ago
66 months ago
Joerg Flemming
View Threadany news on "Save Reference Image" problem?
by roei tzoref 7 months ago
View ThreadWrong flavor of Color Finesse
by billy earle 1 year ago
59 months ago
billy earle
View ThreadDead Swatches
by Robinson Sampaio 10 months ago
210 months ago
Robinson Sampaio
View ThreadTutorial for Correcting White Balance in Color Finesse
by Jeff Bellune 6 years ago
1710 months ago
Thomas Foley
View ThreadColor Finesse viewer doesn't match AE viewer
by Julien Deka 1 year ago
410 months ago
Chris Wright
View ThreadCan´t find Test Gear 2.5.3 inside After Effects CC 2014
by Johan Lehman 11 months ago
111 months ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadLinear Workspace
by Nils Crompton 12 months ago
212 months ago
Nils Crompton
View ThreadAfter Effects CS6 crashes when try to open old projects CS4 with CF effect applied.
by Antonio Puente 12 months ago
312 months ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadTest Gear 2.5.3 doesn't support masks correctly?
by Matthew Sorrels 12 months ago
212 months ago
Matthew Sorrels
View ThreadHue Numbers Are Backwards
by Kyle Gordon 1 year ago
View ThreadColor Finesse MRGB Levels - numerical values?
by Lee Powell 1 year ago
11 year ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadGamma Shift in Premiere Pro CS5.5
by Gaetan Krop 1 year ago
11 year ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadColor Finesse: Project assets do not appear in Gallery
by Ed Elliott 2 years ago
View ThreadCF3 and AfterFX CC 12.1 on rendernodes
by Michael Powers 2 years ago
12 years ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadFinesse 3 License and Premiere Pro CC
by Ron Macaluso 2 years ago
52 years ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadUnable to create reference image from current clip
by Grant Campbell 3 years ago
222 years ago
Kass Teadlane
View ThreadApplication Error Color Finesse (Twixtor)
by Dmitry Peremyshlennikov 2 years ago
12 years ago
Bob Currier
View ThreadInstalling demo in Premiere causing AE to revert to demo version
by Ty Frey 2 years ago
12 years ago
Bob Currier
View Threadwrong flavor of Color Finesse 3??
by Michael Hanish 2 years ago
92 years ago
Michael Hanish
View Thread"Result" display is very small and cropped when zoomed in.
by Joshua Franzos 2 years ago
32 years ago
Bob Currier
View Threadupdate Color Finesse
by lefevre jean-philippe 2 years ago
42 years ago
Caleb Buchinger
View ThreadMotion 5?
by Tom Fuldner 2 years ago
22 years ago
Bob Currier

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