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Sony XDCAM - EX & Related

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View Threadex3 and letus ultimate
by Sam Lee 5 days ago
View ThreadCatalyst Browse not showing all files in XDROOT folder...
by Harry Stoker 1 week ago
51 week ago
Harry Stoker
View ThreadSony Cameras - EX-1/EX-3 replacements... Your current work-horse? Favorite features?
by Tom Laughlin 3 weeks ago
71 week ago
Jeremy Cole
View ThreadSony X70 had a database error, so the recording is showing as an .RSV file instead of an .MXF file.
by Ivan LaFollette 1 week ago
21 week ago
Ivan LaFollette
View ThreadXDCAM to Premiere Pro workflow
by Terry Barner 1 month ago
31 week ago
Ryan Holmes
View ThreadFixing incomplete MP4s from an AX100
by James Lennox-Gordon 1 week ago
21 week ago
James Lennox-Gordon
View ThreadXQD download issues with Yosemite and more....
by Andy Joynson 2 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
Bill Griffin
View ThreadEX-1 raw footage to Premiere timeline
by Terry Barner 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Clint Fleckenstein
View ThreadSXS card formatting
by Terry Barner 2 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Terry Barner
View ThreadSony F5 and F55 Scene Files
by Gregg Goodwin 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Gregg Goodwin
View ThreadExport Failed Final Cut Pro: Error Writing to File
by Geof Gilland 4 years ago
42 weeks ago
Julia Lima Carvalho
View ThreadSONY PXW-X70 - AVCHD MODE - NO AUDIO in the end of 2Gb files.
by Vinicius Pagliari 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Vinicius Pagliari
View ThreadArticle: Orson Welles' Brief, Passionate Love Affair with Betacam
by Frank Beacham 1 month ago
93 weeks ago
Ty Vann
View ThreadEX-1 duplicate file names
by Marvin Holdman 7 years ago
203 weeks ago
Bala Chandran
View ThreadNot sending or receiving SDI Signal with LIlliput Monitor
by Justin Taylor 3 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
Justin Taylor
View ThreadSONY F3 - S-log
by Peter Fuhrman 3 years ago
103 weeks ago
Jai Gopal
View ThreadMac to PC compatibility of BPAV Files
by Bob O'Brien 1 month ago
23 weeks ago
Bob O'Brien
View ThreadPMW-EX3 Neutral Density Filter Wheel Replacement Needed
by Ryan Abreu 3 weeks ago
View ThreadSony EX3 files and Final Cut Pro 7
by Lucy Mal 3 weeks ago
83 weeks ago
Don Greening
View ThreadSony XDCAM, XAVC flavors and FCPX compatibility?
by Craig Seeman 10 months ago
563 weeks ago
Regin Toftegaard
View ThreadNew Sony PXW- X200...bad press?????
by Bill Griffin 1 month ago
33 weeks ago
leslie wand
View ThreadPMW-320k White dot in images
by Dwayne Parish 4 weeks ago
24 weeks ago
john sharaf
View ThreadRepair corrupt MXF file from a Sony PDW-F800
by Oscar Bucco 4 weeks ago
34 weeks ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadHow to import XDCAM files and preserve dual channel audio?
by Jeff Economy 4 weeks ago
View Threadnative files in premiere pro and others...
by melissa 4 weeks ago
View ThreadContent Browser 2.0 vs 1.0, change in distribution policy
by Ian Cook 2 years ago
414 weeks ago
Michael Slowe
View Threadfirmware update on SONY EX3
by Alex Perelmuter 4 years ago
261 month ago
Rick Frandsen
View ThreadQuestion about the Sony FS 700 R
by Jacob Giacometti 3 months ago
31 month ago
Jacob Giacometti
View ThreadXDCAM Software problem with Yosemite
by Jurgen E. Tabaku 9 months ago
61 month ago
Terry Barner
View ThreadReliable link to EX1 firmware update??
by Bob Mark 6 years ago
2441 month ago
Josselin Millecamps
View ThreadUnboxing a new Sony A7s
by robert jax 1 month ago
View ThreadSony ex3 sdi out
by Chris Wagner 3 months ago
61 month ago
Bob O'Brien
View ThreadSony PMW 700 XDCAM - workflow and proxies creation
by Carla Vidal 2 months ago
View ThreadProblems transcoding from PMW200 to Final Cut via Bigasoft ProRes
by Sheila Hayman 2 months ago
62 months ago
Sheila Hayman
View ThreadAll zoom & iris controls lost after using metabones speed booster/adapter on Sony FS7
by Jim Watt 2 months ago
12 months ago
Jim Watt
View ThreadSony PXW-x70 firmware upgrade available
by Craig Seeman 2 months ago
152 months ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadHow to recover deleted footage from sony sxs card?
by Haider Jafree 3 months ago
12 months ago
Bob Jackson
View ThreadLooking for XDCam crew for hire in Pine Ridge, SD
by Bill Baer 2 months ago
View ThreadTransering data from SxS to Hard Drive - Sony F5
by Alfie Vazquez 2 months ago
32 months ago
Bill Griffin
View ThreadPXW-160/180 576p Composite out quality
by Steve Robinson 2 months ago
View ThreadLoading Picture Profiles into my Sony PVW300K1
by Barry O'Brien 2 months ago
View ThreadNeed a little new camera info: PXW-X180
by Eric Macky 11 months ago
12 months ago
Philip McFarland
View ThreadCalibrating viewer on EX3
by Jacob von Kreuz 4 years ago
82 months ago
John Mindlin
View Thread"Failed to copy the clip."
by Bob Cole 2 months ago
22 months ago
Bob Cole
View ThreadDo Catalyst Prepare 2.0 allow rewrap to mov on Import now.
by Daniel Goyette 2 months ago
32 months ago
Daniel Goyette
View ThreadMacBook Pro with Yosematie will not read EX3 SXS cards
by Roy Stewart 8 months ago
152 months ago
Lee Caldon
View ThreadContent Browser Consistently Crashes When Spot Checking Clips - Ian Cook
by Denis Warburton 5 months ago
102 months ago
Ryan Azevedo
View Threadcanon h9ax3.8 on an ex3
by Jw van der Vlies 3 years ago
82 months ago
Jw van der Vlies
View ThreadHow to export from adobe cs6 to SxS Card for play back on sony pmw 200
by akhem borneo 2 months ago
View Threadwhere do I get xdcam transfer software?
by Jason Brown 6 years ago
192 months ago
Robert Jansson
View Threadtransferring footage from sxs card, odd issue
by jim stamos 2 months ago
View ThreadLooking to sell my PMW 200 and Accessories
by David McDermott 2 months ago
View Threadsony hxr-nx5u record issue
by michael ledford 3 months ago
33 months ago
Clint Fleckenstein
View ThreadSony pxw-x160 with Ninja Blade.
by Ken Ch 3 months ago
33 months ago
Ronnie Martin
View ThreadATW question
by Roger Bansemer 2 years ago
63 months ago
TJ McCormick
View ThreadSony PMW 200 only channel 1 appearing on Adobe Create Suite 6
by Joe Smith 2 years ago
33 months ago
TJ McCormick
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Ronald Lindeboom retires from Creative COW
by Creative COW 3 years ago
423 months ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadSony EX3 importing problem
by Misbah Mahfujur 9 months ago
43 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadEX1R Lengthy Horror Story with happy ending and a Big Question Mark
by Bob Cole 2 years ago
143 months ago
Dan Weissman
View ThreadSony PXW-X70 Settings??
by Ray Sherman 9 months ago
123 months ago
Ray Sherman
View ThreadSony PXW-X200 with SD adapters
by john lawlor 6 months ago
33 months ago
john lawlor
View ThreadCan I write 1920x1080 420 files on a disk?
by Mitch Jordan 3 months ago
33 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadBought EX3 - looking for Lens Cap and Body Cap
by Sverker Hahn 3 months ago
View ThreadFinal Cut Pro X Missing Files From EX-30
by Gerald Walker 3 months ago
13 months ago
Craig Seeman
View ThreadFCP X import of F55 footage
by Martin Brown 3 months ago
View ThreadCatalyst Browse: BIG problems with it......
by Bill Griffin 4 months ago
53 months ago
Tom Grushka
View ThreadSony PMW-EX1 Firmware Update1.26 is this result normal.
by Daniel Goyette 4 years ago
54 months ago
Duncan Craig
View ThreadSimple XDCAM EX import question - with Adobe Premiere 8.0
by Aryn Leigh 4 months ago
14 months ago
Steve Coulson
View ThreadPXW-X70 - What's Your Favorite Picture Profiles
by Ray Sherman 7 months ago
34 months ago
Ray Sherman
View ThreadVideo Noise - how to hide it
by mark thompson 6 months ago
84 months ago
Bob Cole
View ThreadXAVC/XDCAM Plug-in for Apple (PDZK-LT2) MAC Version 1.0 or 1.2?
by Craig Seeman 4 months ago
View Threadis catalyst prepare able to rewrap mxf to mov ?
by jeremie galan 4 months ago
24 months ago
jeremie galan
View ThreadSxS card stuck in slot (back to front)
by George Pagliero 5 years ago
54 months ago
Paul Anderegg
View ThreadStatus update on FCPX plugin support for XAVC-L?
by Craig Seeman 6 months ago
74 months ago
Chris Stevens
View Threadmissing folders in BPAV file - converting the mp4
by David Cypkin 4 months ago
View ThreadSony Catalyst Browser and Prepare Video Tutorials.
by Daniel Goyette 8 months ago
54 months ago
Roger Bansemer
View ThreadSony PMW-500 Won't Power Up - Flashing Screen and All Lights in VF
by Bill Paris 4 months ago
View ThreadXDCAM MXF Files
by Ashton Kennedy 5 months ago
14 months ago
Aaron Star
View ThreadEX1 or AX100 (4K)
by Aaron Walker 4 months ago
14 months ago
Aaron Star
View ThreadHow fast is USB3 SXS Card Reader Transfer Speed
by Michael Harrington 5 months ago
35 months ago
Aaron Star
View ThreadXDCAM Transfer can't find installed components - says it's missing codecs that should be installed
by Kate Perkins 2 years ago
95 months ago
Ashton Kennedy
View ThreadRecord to SD Cards (With adapters) & Output to HDSDI?
by Steve Mullins 5 months ago
25 months ago
Steve Mullins
View ThreadConsumer / Prosumer camera to closely match EX3 for Conferences
by Steve Mullins 7 months ago
35 months ago
Steve Mullins
View ThreadTranscoding multiple files in Catalyst Browse fails with .smi
by Dave Morrison 5 months ago
85 months ago
Dave Morrison
View ThreadRe-wrapping a xdcam .mxf file to mov for FCP7
by Bill Griffin 5 months ago
35 months ago
Bill Griffin
View ThreadFrustrated when UPDATING PMW-EX280
by Nicholaus Mtawa 1 year ago
15 months ago
jean gerard
View ThreadRecovered XDCam raw BPAV files
by Scott Hathaway 6 years ago
225 months ago
Cogalniceanu Sebastian
View ThreadProblem copying .mxf file to another drive
by Matt Dragovits 5 months ago
25 months ago
Matt Dragovits
View ThreadImporting from the PXW X160 into FCPX using SDXC cards
by Martin Waring 10 months ago
125 months ago
Martin Waring
View ThreadExport XDCAM EX to SxS card for camera playout
by Kale Zimny 5 months ago
35 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadYosemite, Sony SD cards, Final Cut Pro 7
by trevor Brazil 5 months ago
View ThreadSony UK lists camera firmware update future release dates. PXW-X70 June 2015
by Craig Seeman 5 months ago
View ThreadShotput Pro getting slower and slower every day! Suggestions?
by Steve Hero 1 year ago
75 months ago
Scott Anderson
View ThreadSony Ex1R no battery power to camera
by Jody Sherstobitoff 5 months ago
View ThreadPlease help - Transcend SD card shows up empty after expensive shoot
by austen collins 6 years ago
215 months ago
Eric Marby
View ThreadBattery Charger for XDCAMEX
by Mark Camaren 5 months ago
15 months ago
Marek Bilski
View ThreadMedia Mgmt for Sony F55
by Steve Hero 5 months ago
35 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadSony PMW EX1 problem
by petar markovic 6 months ago
25 months ago
john lawlor
View ThreadNews: SOC's Recipients for Camera Operator of the Year, Feature Film & Television
by Cow News Droid 5 months ago
View ThreadNeed firmware update 1.02 -> 1.05 asap.
by Eirik Tiller 2 years ago
15 months ago
Marvin Moodie
View ThreadSony PMW-200 extremely slow transfer rates
by Niklas Lagstrom 6 months ago
56 months ago
Niklas Lagstrom
View ThreadNew Sony Applications for XDCAM, XDCAM EX, RAW, SR and NXCAM
by Ian Cook 10 months ago
186 months ago
David Wheeler
View ThreadSony PMW-200 color bleed
by Niklas Lagstrom 6 months ago
View ThreadSony PDW F800 shooting in the snow - settings.
by Simon Cox 6 months ago
26 months ago
Simon Cox
View ThreadSony PMW-200 - White Balancing
by Oliver de Morassé 2 years ago
86 months ago
Tom Greenwood

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