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Sony XDCAM - EX & Related

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View ThreadArticle: Creative COW Turns 15! A Celebration of Being Uncool
by Tim Wilson 3 weeks ago
295 days ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadWhat is more important when buying a camcorder...
by Steve Hix 2 weeks ago
21 week ago
Steve Hix
View ThreadWTB. LENS FOR Sony EX-3
by jim masi 3 weeks ago
11 week ago
Jussi Sjölund
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: NAB 2016 News, Tuesday Edition​
by Creative COW 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
michael jacobson
View ThreadSony PXW-Z100 file limit
by Oliver Smith 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Oliver Smith
View ThreadSony PXW-X70 File properties
by Neil Scott 6 months ago
22 weeks ago
mark thompson
View ThreadEX1 (not an R) and SDXC cards
by Ken Nicholson 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Ken Nicholson
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: NAB 2016 News, Wednesday Edition​
by Creative COW 2 weeks ago
View ThreadFS5: No proxy timecode in Quicktime 7
by Andy Moore 2 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Andy Moore
View ThreadFCP 7 Log and Transfer -> "unsupported media" on Yosemite
by Bob Cole 6 months ago
23 weeks ago
Bob Cole
View ThreadSony EX3Timecode
by Brian Hurst 3 weeks ago
View ThreadSony F5 HDMI Issues
by Eric Santiago 3 weeks ago
View ThreadShooting flat for color grading with EX1
by Tom Laughlin 1 month ago
23 weeks ago
Bob Cole
View ThreadXDCAM EX to ProRes - best software option?
by Bob Cole 4 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
Bob Cole
View ThreadSony SXS Device Driver for Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.3?
by Lee Denham 2 months ago
44 weeks ago
Bob Jackson
View ThreadFS7 Tripod plate
by Ron Piedrahita 1 month ago
11 month ago
Bill Griffin
View ThreadXDCAM Software problem with Yosemite
by Jurgen E. Tabaku 2 years ago
151 month ago
Tom Laughlin
View ThreadReliable link to EX1 firmware update??
by Bob Mark 7 years ago
2821 month ago
Tom Laughlin
View ThreadProblem with Wireless Mic Noise on EX1R
by J. D. Mack 2 months ago
21 month ago
Allen Facemire
View ThreadXDCAM discs
by Allen Facemire 1 month ago
View Threadsony x70 4k won't work with BMD ATEM production studio 4k
by gabriel barrandeguy 2 months ago
22 months ago
gabriel barrandeguy
View ThreadEx 1 to FS5???
by Michael Slowe 2 months ago
32 months ago
Michael Slowe
View ThreadCard reading newbie: why not record .movs, why complicated BPAV folders?
by Ella Currer 2 months ago
22 months ago
John Treffer
View ThreadExport XDCAM EX to SxS card for camera playout
by Kale Zimny 1 year ago
42 months ago
steve dann
View Threadmxf-File via Finder to PDW U1 causes error -36 message
by thomas saron 2 months ago
View ThreadSony PDW-F335 to FCPX
by Zach Legleiter 2 months ago
View ThreadBasic (read cheap) EX1 editing on a Mac
by Alan Lacey 2 months ago
62 months ago
Alan Lacey
View ThreadAll zoom & iris controls lost after using metabones speed booster/adapter on Sony FS7
by Jim Watt 11 months ago
72 months ago
Joan Dominguez
View ThreadPMW-EX3 8-pin remote autobaud
by Douglas Holub 4 years ago
102 months ago
zeng will
View ThreadSxS-1 card issue
by Kale Zimny 5 months ago
32 months ago
Sang Nguyen
View ThreadPMW-F3 audio monitor and headset output gone...
by Claus Frederiksen 2 months ago
View Threadfirmware update on SONY EX3
by Alex Perelmuter 5 years ago
322 months ago
Alan Craven
View ThreadTaking audio off an sLog-3 .mxf video file
by Bruce Lambert 2 months ago
View Threadwhere do I get xdcam transfer software?
by Jason Brown 6 years ago
202 months ago
Daniela Udoff
View ThreadSlow Motion in Sony Alpha 7s II -> 100fps to 25fps
by Shitij Kohli 2 months ago
View ThreadBlog: #MCS: Stabilized rig by SHAPE
by Mathieu Marano 3 months ago
View ThreadSetting & assigning focal depths on a Sony PXW-X70?
by Toby Mills 3 months ago
View ThreadClip Browser not opening since upgrade to Windows 10
by Bruce Quayle 3 months ago
23 months ago
Bruce Quayle
View ThreadEX1 playback problems
by Rodney Hudson 3 years ago
43 months ago
David Gaona
View ThreadCannot Read XDCAM EX files - something new.
by alec gitelman 4 years ago
113 months ago
David Mwendwa
View ThreadPXW-FS5 Shutter Speed Change
by Rob Anderson 4 months ago
13 months ago
Yogesh Chhatbar
View ThreadSony EX1 Audio Input - 5 Pin XLR?
by Paul Glenn 4 months ago
53 months ago
Morton Molyneux
View ThreadWhy is colored stage lighting creating blotches of color on my PMW-EX1? Is it like color-overexposure or something?
by David Bush 4 years ago
113 months ago
Deborah Voorhees
View ThreadSony PXW-X200 8 Audio Tracks
by Lloyd Lively 4 months ago
33 months ago
Lloyd Lively
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC; Remembering David Bowie; Editing Star Wars
by Creative COW 4 months ago
View ThreadUSB to XLR 4 pin power?
by Andrew Lock 4 months ago
24 months ago
Andrew Lock
View ThreadProblem copying .mxf file to another drive
by Matt Dragovits 1 year ago
44 months ago
Matt Dragovits
View Threadlost recording from card from an "media needs to be rostored"
by Kostas Ord 4 months ago
14 months ago
leslie wand
View ThreadSony XDCam Browser
by Brian Uhler 4 months ago
24 months ago
leslie wand
View ThreadSony XDCAM, XAVC flavors and FCPX compatibility?
by Craig Seeman 2 years ago
575 months ago
Gideon Breytenbach
View ThreadSony Fs7 Footage with supersaturated reds
by steffen krones 5 months ago
View ThreadMy PMW 300 no longer connects via USB?!?!
by Nik Read 5 months ago
View ThreadWhere to buy Sony parts?
by Mitch Jordan 5 months ago
45 months ago
Mitch Jordan
View ThreadPXW-X70 proxy file operation question
by Bruce Byker James 5 months ago
View ThreadPXW X70 steadyshot issue
by Jeff Beardall 6 months ago
16 months ago
Jeff Beardall
View ThreadEX1 blur footage in camera movements
by David Rogue 6 months ago
46 months ago
Greg Pasztor
View ThreadPMW X-70 remote control over wifi?
by Clint Fleckenstein 6 months ago
View ThreadPMW-320 Remove 'Media Near Full'
by Scott Johnson 6 months ago
View ThreadSony SxS Cards VS. SxS-SDHC Adaptors
by Tom Laughlin 2 years ago
266 months ago
Thomas Sherry
View ThreadQuestion about working with sony transmitter on my PXW X200
by Moti Yair 6 months ago
16 months ago
Clint Fleckenstein
View ThreadCan You Transfer PXW-X70 Video Directly to an External HD?
by Ray Sherman 6 months ago
66 months ago
Ray Sherman
View ThreadMacBook Pro with Yosematie will not read EX3 SXS cards
by Roy Stewart 1 year ago
176 months ago
Matt Hoyle
View ThreadSony SxS Device and UDF drivers with Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9) support
by Ian Cook 2 years ago
176 months ago
Christopher Nicholas
View ThreadEX1 without "R" focussing problems
by Mala Kas 6 months ago
26 months ago
Mala Kas

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