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Ian Cook
Ian Cook

Sony XDCAM Optical Disc & Related

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View ThreadCatalyst Browse
by Steve Connell 1 day ago
View ThreadGetting files from PDW700 into new iMac/Yosemite
by Jay Kuntz 1 month ago
36 days ago
Jay Kuntz
View ThreadFilmic / Cinema Style Scene Files?
by Jim Duffy 1 week ago
View ThreadFCPX and Compressor export to PDW-U1
by Gustavo Seabra 1 month ago
101 month ago
Max Polley
View ThreadCorrupt XDCAM Shot Files
by Jim Duffy 1 month ago
21 month ago
Jim Duffy
View ThreadFS7 card won't play on XDS-PD1000
by Dale West 2 months ago
72 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadCan you format Sony XQD card on Mac?
by kasimir zierl 2 months ago
View ThreadTrouble Importing a XDCAM Optical disk file into FCP X or reading it from desktop
by Bmann Mann 2 months ago
12 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadA question about camera sensors.
by Meh Yeah 2 months ago
View ThreadFCPX and MXF to optical drive
by Slobodan Kosanovic 3 months ago
13 months ago
Slobodan Kosanovic
View ThreadArticle: Cinematographer-in-Residence: Mandy Walker ASC at UCLA
by Kylee Wall 3 months ago
View ThreadXDCam "Closing the file failed" error
by Richard Browne 3 months ago
13 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadXDCAM Firewire in
by Tiernan O'Rourke 3 months ago
23 months ago
Tiernan O'Rourke
View ThreadWhen does an XDCAM camera need laser replaced?
by Tiernan O'Rourke 3 months ago
63 months ago
Tiernan O'Rourke
View ThreadFCPX 10.1.4 - MXF Export & XDCAM optical delivery
by Dean Neal 4 months ago
94 months ago
gaz marcus
View ThreadEjecting XDCAM HD Discs Crashes Mac
by Andy Moore 11 months ago
144 months ago
Noble Robinette
View ThreadContent Browser 2 - Ian Cook
by Andy Edwards 4 months ago
64 months ago
Andy Edwards
View ThreadCloning XDCAM Discs?
by Dan Shott 7 months ago
55 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadBetter Sony support for disk-based editing?
by Mitch Jordan 5 months ago
45 months ago
Mitch Jordan
View ThreadVideo: Creative COW Webinar: Signiant - Democratizing Cutting-Edge File Transfer for Every Size Creative Business
by Creative COW 5 months ago
View ThreadBad Sector, maybe?
by Richard Browne 6 months ago
26 months ago
Richard Browne
View ThreadRewrap files to mov - Sony PMW-500 and sxs card udf formatted in Windows
by Slobodan Kosanovic 8 months ago
96 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadImporting MXF file into FCP7 with Content Browser Error
by Ahilan Ratnamohan 7 months ago
66 months ago
zahir naqvi
View ThreadCan't export from FCP to XDCAM disc on PDW-U2
by Thomas Miguez 7 months ago
57 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadSony PXW-X70 XAVC files cannot be 'seen' by Vegas Pro 12
by Chris Drage 7 months ago
17 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadNew Sony applications for XDCAM, XAVC, SR, NXCAM and RAW
by Ian Cook 7 months ago
27 months ago
Ian Cook
View Thread2 issues with F55
by Dale West 7 months ago
View ThreadNews: 7 Deadly Sins (with Zak Mulligan and Matt Allard) on the Go Creative Show
by Cow News Droid 7 months ago
View ThreadProblem when copying MXF file to PDW-U1 on Maverick OS X
by Paulo Viana 9 months ago
59 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadStart/Stop SDI Trigger, Sony PDW-F355
by Theunis Vrieswijk 10 months ago
19 months ago
Piotr Niemcewicz
View Threadcan't copy XDCAM disc
by Josh Pratt 10 months ago
View ThreadBatch edit clip names
by Michael Sanders 10 months ago
110 months ago
Ian Cook
View ThreadIncrementing camera "reel numbers"… possible?
by Mark Raudonis 1 year ago
210 months ago
Michael Sanders
View ThreadCreating a XDcam disc without an NLE
by John Barata 10 months ago
1110 months ago
John Barata
View Threadexporting to XDCAM bypassing FCP
by Marcos Horacio 1 year ago
610 months ago
John Barata
View ThreadPDW700-> Transfer-> MOV?
by chuck farris 11 months ago
511 months ago
chuck farris
View ThreadU1 "Inconsistency" error
by Richard Browne 1 year ago
311 months ago
Richard Browne
View ThreadFrom After Effects to XDCam archive
by Richard Browne 12 months ago
711 months ago
Richard Browne

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