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Blog: The NAB News Onslaught Continues - More TB news, Adobe shows us some more gary adcock - 4 years ago
Ok, I am going to start off with the good stuff. Adobe has released "sneak peak video" at the CS6 announcement that is obviously eminent I am supprised that you have to log into facebook to see them, but information is where yo...

Blog: Surgical Video: The Sequel Mike Cohen - 4 years ago
A few years ago I was honored to write the following article for Creative COW Magazine. Ever since, after countless nice comments on the article, and as the world of op...

Blog: Ki Pro Mini - The Results Don Greening - 5 years ago
We decided that today (Feb 24) would be a good day to shoot some test footage with our recently required Ki Pro Mini. The weather is clear, cold and windy. Okay, cold for us on the west coast but for anyone visiting it's just cool-ish. We went back t...

Blog: Ki Pro Mini - An Unscientific Setup Don Greening - 5 years ago
About a week ago I finally acquired my Ki Pro Mini but only now have I had the time to write about it. I ordered it back in September when they were first announced, which is why mine showed up before the broadcast supply houses in my area. With AJA ...

Re: Sony's Tapeless Workflow mohammed anwerzada - 5 years ago
hi I need help. I recently shot a corporate film on XDcam ex1. While copying BPAVfolders to my external hard disc to create safety back up, I did not copy the entire BPAV but instead copied only CPLR folder that has MP4 file and its supporting read...

Blog: Sony Announces PL mount member of the XDCamEX family. gary adcock - 6 years ago
Yesterday Sony announced the PDW F3K camera, a new PL mount member of the EX camera line. Initially the camera looks interesting, $16K without lenses, Super 35MM sensor, w/ HDSDI, genlock, even dual link outputs( future upgrade) that shoots to th...

Blog: The New Merry Pranksters, Epilogue # 1: Getting Home The New Merry Pranksters - 6 years ago
It’s 4 AM Monday morning. Bob can’t sleep. Time to blog. Episode #15 was finished on the bad road to Arusha on Thursday. We dropped by African Environments to say goodbye to the staff and tell the engineer, welders, etc. how well their back...

Blog: The New Merry Pranksters, Episode 9: Tactics of Wildlife Cinematography The New Merry Pranksters - 6 years ago
The Serengeti Wildlife Preserve is roughly 15,000 sq. kilometers, or approx. 8,000 square miles. If that doesn’t impress you, perhaps you died. Each day hundreds of driver/guides give and take info about where the animals are. Just like a...

Blog: The New Merry Pranksters, Episode 7: Why our ‘A’ Camera can touch your heart The New Merry Pranksters - 6 years ago
Now that the Weisscam was sorted out and we had learned how to use it, we started a 3-position rotation, with each Prankster moving daily to a different camera. Our ‘A’ camera was the workhorse of the show. The Fujinon 25:1 and Image Stabilizer ...

Re: Blog: The New Merry Pranksters, Chapter 1: The gear and preparations Rafael Amador - 6 years ago
[The New Merry Pranksters] "Except for the PMW-350's SxS cards which we intend to use just for that camera's pre-roll image cache, we chose to output both cameras to AJA's portable and versatile Ki-Pro boxes that instantly convert our HD/SDI output t...

Blog: The New Merry Pranksters, Chapter 2: The gear and preparations The New Merry Pranksters - 6 years ago
It took 6 long days for the three of us to check out, trouble shoot and pack our gear, even with all of Clairmont Camera's years of expertise and Denny Clairmont himself nursing us through a challenging Saturday. This was much, much harder than any ...

@Mike Gilligan Don Greening - 6 years ago
Yeah, it's to do with the Apple program called Spotlight. If you go to the preferences icon in the Dock and click on Spotlight in the prefs pop-up you'll see 2 tabs, Search results and Privacy. Open the Privacy tab and drag the card desktop icon into...

Blog: Saturday- Test, Test, Test. gary adcock - 6 years ago
Fletcher's Dana Hill and Arri's Michael Bravin through the camera's eye Ok, for me camera testing is not just fun and games just going out to shoot pretty pictures in my world it is often the really boring testing that shows me something c...

Blog: ALEXA un-boxed Day2 gary adcock - 6 years ago
Ok, Here she is. I am not different from anyone else here on the Cow, so when there is a new toy in town I am really glad when I get to be one of the first inline. Stay tuned for the next week while I share my thoughts on a camera that is ...

Long Time...No Blog Mike Cohen - 6 years ago
It has been a busy Q1. We have several private label projects going that are taking a lot of time and energy. One of the best things about new projects is it gives us a chance to think up new creative ways to do what we do best. Back in December w...

yeah... and then some. gary adcock - 6 years ago
Well I could have worded my point a little better, but I needless to say someone like me is very excited about working with this camera. I spent time talking to insiders on both companies and even they are excited about this collaboration, I expect b...

Sony's Tapeless Workflow Andrew Kimery - 6 years ago
Sony had a little demo/presentation happening at our office the other day and I must say I still really like the XDCAM HD workflow and wish that we could use it where I am working currently. They are also trying to bridge the gap between XDCAM EX (S...

XDCAM EX Onsite Workflow Don Greening - 8 years ago
A week ago last Sunday we did a 3 camera shoot for a wedding and I must say that the combination of the EX1, Macbook Pro and our little G-RAID Mini made the SxS Pro memory card transfers a total breeze and dirt simple. My wife was the card wrangler a...

Chronosync- invaluable tool for tapeless workflow Noah Kadner - 8 years ago
Here's a tool for anyone working with the solid-state and tapeless workflow, for example the Panasonic HVX200 and Sony EX1. If you've been dragging and dropping footage from your folders to your hard drive you could be a bit more at risk than you...

New version of XDCAM EX Transfer Software Available Noah Kadner - 8 years ago
If you're having any problems with Sony XDCAM EX footage the latest version of the XDCAM transfer software might be a big help. It has some new error correction built in that can recover corrupted material. The PDZ-KP1 XDCAM Transfer Software ...

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Kevin Ziechmann Outdoor Cinematography Reel
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Drake Welsh Color Reel
Since the original link is offline, thought I would re-upload my Color Reel! In addition to color services and finishing, I also offer motion design! Check out that reel as well! Achieved with DaVinci Resolve and After Effects....
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Kristopher S Kimlin - Cinematography Reel 2015
Cinematography Reel for DoP Kristopher S. Kimlin Feature Film, Commercials & Music Videos Birmingham, AL. & Los Angeles, CA. For Rates & Booking: Song: Warm Shadow - FINK...
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Ep 268 Hold the Door
On this week's episode of The Harold & Maudecast's series, WE TALK THRONES, We talk Hodor! A moment of silence please, for our fallen friend. Episode 5 of Season 6 of Game of Thrones, "The Door" gives us Hodor's origin story, and it's awesome, in that way only Thrones can...
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Sing Street Movie Review 9.5/10
On this episode of Justice & Doom Movie Reviews we review the wonderful Irish Film, SING STREET, we loved this film! It is set in Dublin in 1985. In short, it's about a boy, who likes a girl, so he starts a band. It's a coming of age story beautifully...
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video cadence subtraction: 29.97fps Source in a 23.976 fps Avid Project
Clean frames, artifact free, progressive video please. The Avid user ingests, creates Master Clips in the Avid Bin. Precision video control, tapeless video cadence removal. Maintain audio and video sync. All it takes is a clean cadence with proper cadence start and then configure the Master Clip in the Bin...
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Post Production: Protect Yourself Before You Sign a Contract
In this trailer for a Business & Marketing training series at, Walt tells us what post production pros need to know and ask before taking on that big post project.
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Put Post First: Save Time & Money in Production!
In this trailer for a Business & Marketing training series at, Walt tells us to Put Post First! Save time and money by starting with post.
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Quick Tip: Square vs. Anamorphic Pixels
In this Post Production Quick Tip: Walter Biscardi Jr. clears up the confusion between square and anamorphic pixels and why he recommends always working in square pixel timelines.
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WalterBiscardi.Com Preview for The Positive Side of Change
Through humour and anecdotes, Walter Biscardi Jr. shows how to embrace the risk that comes with change - both in business and in life. This clip previews the new series at WalterBiscardi.Com.
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WalterBiscardi.Com Preview for Production Budget Basics
In this production budgeting basics preview for a series on, Dana Popoff, Producer for "Good Eats" and "Feasting On Asphalt" with Alton Brown for the Food Network
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