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Eric Santiago
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RED Camera

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View ThreadNews: Broadfield Distributing, Inc. adds RED Digital Cinema Cameras to its Product Portfolio of High-Quality Solutions
by Cow News Droid 6 days ago
View ThreadEquipment
by Eric Klassen 2 weeks ago (new activity on October 12, 2018)
21 week ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadDJI Ronin MX + Power Distributor + RED DSMC2 Gemini 5K
by Sietse Meeuwesen 4 weeks ago (new activity on September 24, 2018)
14 weeks ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadAre RED files always problematic?
by greg janza 6 months ago (new activity on September 14, 2018)
71 month ago
nazim zmirli
View ThreadHow is working with the RED in post?
by Sean Mannion 2 months ago (new activity on September 10, 2018)
21 month ago
Stephen Smith
View ThreadAnybody here selling stock footage? Either as a sideline or a main business....
by Tim Wilson 1 year ago (new activity on August 5, 2018)
313 months ago
John Vlach
View ThreadStrange file interpretation
by Sean Collett 3 months ago (new activity on July 17, 2018)
13 months ago
Stephen Smith
View ThreadWhy so many .R3D files for the same clip?
by Nick McCoy 4 years ago (new activity on July 9, 2018)
83 months ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadRecording Frame Rate Project Time Base
by Anthony DeRose 4 months ago (new activity on June 28, 2018)
14 months ago
Tom Sefton
View ThreadCool Video
by Stephen Smith 4 months ago (new activity on June 25, 2018)
34 months ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadRedcine-x: How to crop Raven footage to UHD?
by Sverker Hahn 4 months ago (new activity on June 13, 2018)
14 months ago
Jeremy Garchow
View ThreadMatching Red Epic and Red One mx
by Francisco Bech Gómez 4 months ago
View ThreadAchieving a Moody, Cinematic Look on RED
by Andrew Gallego 6 months ago (new activity on June 9, 2018)
34 months ago
Eric Santiago
View Threaddelete ty
by Steve Nash 6 months ago
View Threadare the Reducation / RED introductory courses worth $1,500?
by Robert Bradley 6 months ago
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