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Re: Throwing out the Kool Aid

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Shane RossRe: Throwing out the Kool Aid
by on Jul 12, 2007 at 5:49:45 pm

Don, I think that you and I and David Weiss should have lunch sometime. We are all in the Valley...I am in North Hollywood and David is a BIT farther north in Woodland Hills, right David?

Sit down, chat...complain about Avid and complain about FCP. Praise both. Whathaveyou.

Most of the issues that happen with FCP...or even Avid...are pilot error. People not used to the system and things getting messed up and put in odd places or something. Havind been an Avid Assist for 5 years, I learned all the tricks needed to ensure that the Avid was running smooth. Such as tossing the database files occasionally. Looking for the CREATING files when you had a crash. Lots of stuff. And if you didn't treat an Avid just right, it'd start flaking on you. Same with have to learn how to maintain it as well. It is a slow process, but I get it.

A lot of stuff happens when you have editors used to one system jumping onto another and trying to work like they did on the first system. Sorry, but ain't gonna work. I am now BACK on an Avid (Meridian v11, OS 9, Unity) and it took me a WEEK to relearn the darn thing. Grumbling because I can't drag my clips about and re-arrange things....but, HEY, this dynamic trimming is great. Different approaches. But I have seen more issues with people coming from other editing systems than people who have ONLY edited with FCP. It takes a while getting used to things.

And I know that a lot of stuff is pilot error because of what Bob array fails for one guy, but works fine for another. SAME PHYSICAL ARRAY. That points to pilot error. I had that with a company here where I helped them set up their shop and got things running. They brought in a bunch of editors...used to Avid...and the show started falling apart. Other people brought in to fix things, other editors came in...and things started working. No hardware was swapped.

As for drive RAIDS...there is just way too much choice out there. That is both good and bad. Avids worked ONLY with their drives, which they tested beyond belief before they implimented. And even then there were still occasional issues. But you HAD to buy from them, and at ASTRONOMICAL prices. With FCP there are dozens of RAID manufacturers out there, lots of people to choose from. One company works for some guys, but not others. Some have good products and buggy products. Some swear by LaCie because they never had an issue, and others have nothing BUT issues. Walter had huge issues with Caldigit...yet I haven't had one (one minor hiccup that worked itself out, no loss of data). And we both work on the same type of projects...DVCPRO HD, AJA hardware, G5s. So go figure.

If FCP was crashing all the time and unworkable and causing long hours for everyone like it was for you...the platform would be dropped like THAT. I wouldn't stand for I can see where you are coming from. But it isn't failing for a lot of us, so it is still going strong. I hope you figure out what is happening..and I hope you get to test a lot of drive arrays to see what works for you.

And...let's do lunch.

Or drinks...actually. I am in Hollywood during the day on this old, but rather stable Avid system.


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