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Re: Kona 2 vs Axio

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Les KayeRe: Kona 2 vs Axio
by on Oct 25, 2005 at 5:39:30 am

[Walter Biscardi] "And if you don't care about PPro, why the heck are we even having this discussion? Without PPro you can't use Axio.
Usually when a person starts a thread like this it's because they are considering purchasing one or the other. You don't care to use PPro and I really don't know a single person who is using PPro / Axio in production so honestly, who cares about a comparison?"

Hi Walter,
First, the reason we're having this discussion is because I simply wanted to know how the cards compared. THAT'S ALL - HONEST. I thought that perhaps, just maybe, there was someone here familiar with both cards and who could answer my question without getting their hair mussed. So perhaps the question for you is... Can't someone be interested in KNOWING about the Axio without being interested in PPro? I'm in a purely HD environemnt, and while some of the features in Axio would be helpful if they ACTUALLY WORKED in a real world scenario, I'm not prepared, nor is the company I work at, to compromise with PPro. I doubt that will change with the releases of PPro 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever.

As for my original motive in asking, could it be that perhaps I'm interested in the Axio simply because there's been a bit of activity about the Axio over at the discrete edit COW forum and I wanted to be better informed?

[Walter Biscardi] "This is really a better question for the folks over in the PPro forum. "Is anyone using Axio and what realtime are you gettting?""

No. I asked here because I wanted professional responses, and I doubt there's anyone over at the PPro forum working in a similar situation to mine that could give me a valuable comparison with the Kona2 card (which btw we've all been very happy with). Besides, if the responses here are any indication, there'd be someone over there getting their nose out of whack because I asked about the Aja cards...

-Les Kaye

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