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Appears to work: G4Dual1.25(MDD), 10.4.2, QT7.0.2, FCP5.0.2, CW4.7

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straybillAppears to work: G4Dual1.25(MDD), 10.4.2, QT7.0.2, FCP5.0.2, CW4.7
by on Sep 24, 2005 at 12:08:56 am

So far, so good!


1. Before upgrading from 10.3.5, I took out the Cinewave card and removed all visible software elements.
2. Upgraded to 10.3.9 because I wanted to use QT7...
3. Upgraded from there to 10.4 and from there to 10.4.2
4. Upgraded from QT7 to QT7.0.2Pro
5. To use Motion, I swapped out the Apple installed AGP Display Card with an ATI9600 Pro PC&Mac Edition ($200) - they stopped making the 9800 Pro Mac Edition. Motion works and the card works fine with a couple of small caveats: It comes with two DVI Ports, and as I have the older Apple flat panels, I had to get an additional Apple DVI to ADC adapter ($100). Also, strangely, I can no longer boot from touching the screen button - I need to boot from the G4. I called ATI and they said they were unaware of why that was...
6. Loaded all the latest drivers and utilities for the ATTO UL3D and Medea RTRX
7. Loaded Final Cut Studio and upgraded to 5.0.2
8. Reinstalled the Cinewave card
9. From the Cinewave Pro 4.0 CD, I uninstalled all other CW components - there were about 1800!!!
10. Rebooted and loaded the 4.0 software
11. Rebooted and loaded the 4.7 software
12. Turned on my array (MedeaRTRX) and rebooted the system
13. Launched FCP, Digitized in Cinewave NTSC YUV Component with Balanced Audio and 10bit Uncompressed. Made a timeline with both of about 2 minutes, played it and then "Printed to Video" (and Tape) with success!

Strangely, when I have captured with a marked in+out in Cinewave NTSC YUV, it has never captured with the "VectorScopes" visible - today being no exception. However, when I captured in 10bit Uncompressed, it was the opposite: the only way I _could_ capture was with the Scopes visible. Wierd, huh?

As for the difference between captures in Cinewave 8bit and Uncompressed 10bit, the only difference I noted was the file size. A clip in each capture of exactly the same duration (11:22), the CW8bit was 262.3mb and the Uncompressed10bit was 349.3.

Lastly, as mentioned, Motion works with the ATI Card (yippee!)

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