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Re: Full FCP 7 Assault - Out of Memory, Dropped Frames, Playback Trouble suddenly.

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Mark Suszko
Re: Full FCP 7 Assault - Out of Memory, Dropped Frames, Playback Trouble suddenly.
on Dec 19, 2018 at 8:41:22 pm

You'd be wise to follow what David's saying; he's a pro.

It may be that at some point along the way, during ingest or edit, the footage from one of your cams had it's frame size "baked-in" in the wrong ratio. And probably the wrong codec. No telling how much resolution you gave up. However it happened, if clicking on the shot, going into the "motion" tab and and undoing any and all pre-applied scaling and other effects doesn't bring it up to size, it's something you're going to have to manually re-scale, if you insist on using the existing shot. For every such clip. The good news, if any, is that, once you re-size *one of these, select and copy it, then you can (relatively) quickly select and "paste attributes" to the other wrong-scaled clips, greatly reducing the workload. Though the really proper way to fix these, and get the maximum resolution out of them, would be to re-capture/re-import the camera originals in the proper size and codec. Which you refuse to do.

This is what I'm getting at with the term: "Sunk Costs Fallacy". It's the kind of thinking that turns a pilot into a stain on a canyon wall, when he doubles-down on making it thru the mountain passes in wrong conditions because he's half-way to his destination already, dammit. I could give many more such examples. But this is where you are. You feel that you just can't go back and re-do it right because you're too close to being done. Actually, you're nowhere near. Not if you have standards.

The question I have for you now though is: what's the hurry, all of a sudden, that you can't go back and do it right?

Did you think you could make this ready for some festival or contest coming up? Is there funding with a hard limit? Did the doctor call with really bad news? You said this was a passion project that took years of your time. But now it's not worth going back, no matter how inconvenient or tedious, to get it all Just Right? Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself; "in my rush to complete this, am I baking-in all kinds of mistakes and problems that will stand out and make me look incompetent, make the work look flawed, every time it's viewed, forever, and is that truly what I wanted for this project? For myself? That's not what I'd call a Passion project. Passion projects are heartless, cruel, unrelenting things that demand you break your heart and wallet, over and over again, do hard or unpleasant things over and over again, without reward, until the result meets the standard you envisioned at the start. They make you forsake time with loved ones, profit opportunities, everything.

You know there's work to be done, you've done it before, thanks to experience, you'll actually be faster and better at it this next time around. If this project was ever worth it, it's worth doing right. Dave told you how to fix it. I'm telling you how "not" to go about fixing it. But you already knew that, deep down, I'm betting.

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