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NEWBIE! Upscaling/frame rate change 720p60 to 1080i50

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Patrick FlemingNEWBIE! Upscaling/frame rate change 720p60 to 1080i50
by on May 8, 2011 at 12:06:44 am

I've been searching for a few weeks on this current problem, so I hope I'm not repeating anything here. I am very new to the whole broadcast video, so some of the answers I have seen may be applicable, but I'm too green to know. My apologies.

Here's my situation. Until this year, the company I work for was basically a grass-roots type live sports DVD producer (professional pool tournaments) - all SD video, live edited to BetaCam SP - direct to DVD (in Pinnacle no less!!). We are now providing content to ESPN in Asia... They accepted SD video transferred to DigiBeta the end of last year, but only want HD for the future. So, we purchased a NewTek Tricaster TCXD850 Live Digital Switcher/recorder (PC based). Works great, overall, for our purpose. With the amount of footage, now and in the future, it's cost prohibitive to bring it all to a production house to have it transferred, so we are doing it in-house.

Our latest footage that we need to send them ASAP (and it's over 24 hours of footage) is shot at 720p60. The Tricaster's native codec is mpeg2 (.mpg wrapper). There are two realistic options to export it as .mov's: photo jpeg and HDV - I figure taking the native is the best to work with - although audio is Muxed.

Our client needs the programming at one of two codecs (mov wrapper)
- XDCAM HD422 1080i50 (50Mb/s)
- Apple ProRes 422 HQ

Realizing THIS, and realizing that Apple FCP seemed to be the only way to go, we bought a MacPro with Final Cut Studio with FCP 7. I am only familiar with PC's and Vegas Pro, so this has been a REAL HARD learning experience.

I've converted the videos to the formats needed, but I'm not sure if there's a better way. There IS degradation in the video, I'm figuring there's data that's being added to fill in pixels with the frame size increase, but the frame rate from progressive 60 to interlaced 50 makes it look a little jittery.

So, here's what I have done, my work flow, I suppose is what you say here? There's two main ways I've tried that worked best with basically the same results.

I take the native 720p60 mpeg2 file and either use compressor or MPEG Streamclip to upscale/frame change to the 1080i50 (the XDCAM HD422 looks better than the ProRes). But, both workflow results look the same to me.

If I do any of the cross converting/frame rate changing in FCP, it's not that good, and as I've read, it's not the way you should do it anyway.

With an all digital conversion, does this look like it's the best way to do it? Some movement still looks a little choppy. Could it just be that I'm used to 30 fps in the US? I thought 25 fps is similar to film - smooth.

I've been learning A LOT, but I'm still in the dark and need either confirmation or guidance!

ALSO, as an added bonus question, why does watching a 720 in "full screen mode" of Quicktime player (1080 monitor resolution) than a 720 video upscaled to 1080 in MPEG Streamclip or Compressor?

Thanks so much for reading my schpele!

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