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Re: Premiere Pro gets an update - where's ours?

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David Frisk
Re: Premiere Pro gets an update - where's ours?
on Sep 24, 2008 at 3:09:47 am

I'm sorry, as far as the keyboard shortcuts go, I can't say I'm exactly sure what you're talking about as I don't work with Premiere all that often and don't know the keyboard shortcuts.

As far as the whole part about why you would want the whole track selection layout that is now featured...I guess that's more of a preference on how you work. I find most people that come from a Premiere/FCP upbringing like to click and drag whole clips to the timeline and pick which parts of the video they want from the timeline. I find most people who come from an Avid background work more in the way of loading a clip into the source monitor, making in and out points, and using the keyboard to splice-in/overwrite. (Although it doesn't help that Apple decided to make those two keys, probably two of the most important keys, some asinine keyboard command like cmd-F11 or something weird like that if I'm not mistaken). With the track functionality the way it is in Avid and the way it seems Premiere has changed to, it makes it much easier and much more predictable to know which tracks are going to be shifted and which tracks are going to stay put. The way it is in Final Cut now and the way it was in Premiere, unless you locked a track, it was being shifted when you spliced-in (sorry, not sure what the FCP term is...ripple edit? insert edit?). Here you have more control. It's just a much more logical approach to me, as I can get any result I want because I know exactly what's going to happen at any given time.

If I had a sequence with video on v1 and audio on a1-4, and I had a new clip I wanted to use to overwrite a portion of v1, a1, and a2, and at the same time delete the audio on a3 and a4, it would be a two step process in FCP...overwrite v1, a1, and a2, and then delete a3, and a4. With the "Avid setup" you just activate V1, A1, and A2 on the source side with it patched to V1, A1, and A2 on the sequence side, but also activate A3 and A4 on the record side, which in essence will tell the timeline "okay, I also want to do something to these tracks". It will look over at the record side and find nothing patched to it, so it will overwrite that "nothing" over whatever audio was on A3 and A4 into my timeline...therefore, deleting that section.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation. It's kind of hard to explain unless you're used to working that way I guess. As much as I despise working on Avid because of it's completely outdated and idiotic way of dealing with effects, I still think no other editor even comes close to it for having the most refined EDITING interface and having the "fastest" interface. It does things the "right way" in my eyes. Many won't agree I'm sure, but that's my opinion. So it's cool to see that Premiere has adopted that kind of workflow.

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