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Re: How to put a DVD onto USB and retain DVD menu?

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reko tomo
Re: How to put a DVD onto USB and retain DVD menu?
on Jun 25, 2016 at 5:36:37 pm

You wrote :
I know it can be done by copying the 'folder' i.e. having an audio and video folder however this has to be simple and not require anyone to download any particular media players or software. They just need to plug it in and play it like it's a DVD movie but on a usb. Otherwise people just can't figure stuff out (or don't want to).

My question :
1. to where are they going to plug the USB stick ?
2. with what are they going to press the "Play" button ?

If they are going to plug it into the computer's USB hole, I think they need a media player where they can press the Play button or to navigate to what button they want to press.

If they are going to plug it into the TV's USB hole, then the TV itself must recognized that the inserted USB stick is a movie in DVD format. But I don't think there is a TV that has a feature just like a standalone DVD player where we can navigate in one display, can choose the buttons provided.

As long as I know, if they plug the USB stick into the computer's USB hole... most computer has it's own Media Player. For example, Window's OS has it's own default Media Player (WMP).
With the assumption that you just copy the AUDIO TS and VIDEO TS folder to the USB stick, after they plug it into the computer's USB hole - then they need to launch whatever the Media Player which is in their computer. Too bad I don't have WMP but MPC-HC. So I'm not sure if WMP has the feature "play from folder" although I think it should has that feature.

As in my condition, after I launch MPC-HC - I can do "open directory" then MPC-HC automatically recognized that the files in that directory is DVD format. The result, MPC-HC display the menu and I can navigate the buttons within that menu.

Other way :
1. After plug the USB stick, the user have to open it and double click the "VIDEO_TS.IFO" file.
Depending how their computer setup, usually it will automatically launch whatever Media Player they have in their computer.

2. I think it's possible to right click the VIDEO_TS folder and choose "Play with" from the menu context. But once again, this depends on how their computer setup.

3. Also I think it's also possible once the user plug the USB stick, their OS automatically recognized that the USB contains movie files then the OS launch a window something like "what do you want to do" ... with the option play with bla3x - open/browse it - do nothing.

Anyway, I think the user MUST have a Media Player in their computer. Except, you make a specific program that once the stick inserted it will launch a media player from within the USB stick (because they don't have any Media Player in their computer) - have this media player to launch the movie in the USB stick so then the user can just easily navigate the buttons from within "your" media player coming from the USB stick.

Just my thought :).

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