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Re: Is Media 100 Dead?

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Marcus Warren
Re: Is Media 100 Dead?
on Jan 17, 2013 at 5:12:42 am

Hi Jeremy. You will have to forgive Michael. Every time the issue of newer and better comes up, he always asks, what's the big deal? I get the impression that if someone told Michael that he was going to buy a new car, Michael's response would be, "Why do you want to do that? Your 1948 Buick is still running, right?"
Some folks, like Michael, are just fine with the status quo. Many of us aren't.

But back to your question; Is Media 100 Dead? My take? Yes, Media 100 is functionally dead. Even if development continues, I fear that it is nothing more than a zombie, a walking dead piece of software. Floh has mentioned on this forum that work on on the next version is complete. Does it matter? I mean in the context of market share, marketing, the ability to take advantage of the newest technology and the like?

Artel Software/Boris FX has shown no stomach for hyping the software, or adding new content to the website or providing meaningful point upgrades. I feel sorry for folks like me who paid for the subscription service; you know, $100 covers all of the paid upgrades over the course of a year. There were none.

Boris Y hasn't posted on this forum in more than 17 months. But he does post on the Boris FX forum. His ignoring this forum does not instill confidence in the future of the software. That probably does not matter to Michael, but it is a telling sign for the rest of us. Pay attention to what I am saying. Boris has not posted on this site in nearly a year and a half! That has to tell you something!

Jeremy, you are concerned about codecs. I am in the market for a new camera and Media 100 is my only real editing software. That automatically means that my choices are limited, when you consider all of the camera formats that Media 100 apparently does not support. Software like Sony Vegas (not the Pro version), Adobe Premiere Elements and Corel Studio probably natively support more formats and codecs than Media 100 and they cost less than $100. Media 100 retails for nearly $1000.

I mean, does it tick off anyone other than me that other NLEs have access to most advanced Boris software, but the latest BCC filters still are not available for Media 100 after all of this time? And the scenario extends to the latest FEC filters, Soundbite, heck, we don't even get Media 100 tutorials.

So yes, Media 100 is dead. But Michael will tell you that it is still usable. Final Cut Pro v1 is still usable under the right circumstances. Folks on this forum admit to using versions of Media 100 that predate BorisFX's acquisition of Media 100. Heck, my Amiga computers are still usable (sorta). Linear tape to tape editing is usable as well. So what?

We have software that appears to be unloved by the parent company even though it may still be in development. I'm not sure what happened, but sadly "it" did.

Jeremy, you asked should you look elsewhere? The answer is yes. I'd only reconsider if Boris his own self posts on this forum and give assurances about the future of M100.

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