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Media 100/OSX lion bugs

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Sam Bowling
Media 100/OSX lion bugs
on Jul 20, 2012 at 6:16:34 pm

We've been having tons of problems with media 100 2.1 on OSX lion. Not sure if all the problems are with media 100 or lion or both (they both have their share of problems on their own).

We are currently using osx 10.7.2 which is the latest supported version according to the media 100 web site.

These are the problems we have been having. This is on multiple new mac pro computers that we bought after our old G5's were stolen in a break in.

Opening Boris in media 100 takes much, much longer than it did on the old dual cpu G5 computers.

When the windows in boris red are docked the keyboard shortcuts don't work meaning that you either have to click everything (hello RSI!) or undock them which means that when you do have to click in a different window, you have to click it twice because of the stupid way macs handle windows (click once to select the window, click again to select what you want in the window).

The built in color picker gives the wrong colors when you click on anything.

When applying the graphic in Boris (would be great if there was a shortcut for this) sometimes I get stuck in media 100 with a window that says "media 100 suite is busy while the clip is being edited" and while I can save the project, I have to End Task on media 100 and restart to do any more editing. I also lose any changes that I have made to the graphic when I reload.

Sometimes boris will show a black box as if something is not linking up, but when you edit the file is shows everything is there. when you hit apply, it still shows the black boxes instead of the correct view. you have to actually go into the file and add or more something to get it to correctly update.

Media 100:

Undos are painfully slow (again, much slower than on the old G5's) sometimes taking up to 20 seconds or more for a simple undo of moving a single graphic in the timeline.

Sometimes when I go to move a clip I get a red triangle with a red x under it and the only thing that moves is the CTI.

When I run out of room on a drive while rendering/exporting media 100 will crash instead of giving a disk space warning. This has been a problem for at least 10 years and I'm really surprised it has not been fixed yet.

I know there are more problems, but I can't remember them right now.


Autosave after rendering so that when media 100 crashes while exporting (which it does all the time) I don't have to waste hours re-rendering again.

Ability to adjust the audio on multiple clips without some clunky bus track hack.

Ability to apply audio effects to multiple audio tracks without some clunky bus track hack. There is a greyed out apply audio effect to selected tracks item in the tools menu, but it doesn't seem to work and there is no mention of this in the docs.....

When media 100 searches for files when opening a project, give me a list of drives I can check/uncheck for searching instead of having to hope the drive name doesn't change when I click cancel. When this happens the only option is to kill media 100 and restart it again.

If anyone has any solutions to any of these problems I would love to hear it.

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