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Whats you workflow? few settings questions

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Joel Arvidsson
Whats you workflow? few settings questions
on Dec 15, 2009 at 11:55:54 am

Hi I wonder what is your workflows? and also a few settings.

Mainly this is about Fcp to shake/AE and back. And some aja settings. Also its going to touch on the famous gamma issue...

Thanks for taking your time and reading this/Joel

A typical worklfow for me is film with an hvx 200 and then import that into final cut. From there I cut everything and export to it to dvcpro hd 720p for delivery. If im going to shake or Ae i sometimes go animation codec.

When i have cut an projekt and want to do some post work in shake or Ae I have to export the clips with handles for the clips with cross disolves. This this is enoying when you already timed it once. Im thinking of buying the automatic ducksplugin for Fcp to Ae. Any other tips?

And for shake you have the send to shake feature but i dont like that to much.

Would love to here a better workflow.

A few settings questions

In Fcp what settings do you use? most common I use Aja kona Lh 720 50p 8bit 1280x720 for display and dvcpro hd 720p50 for export/ or animation.
If I use the dvcpro hd then in sequence tab/videoprosesing you can choose between rgb or yuv (and high precision yuv). What are you using? I use yuv 8bit usally but I maby its better to go highprecision always. Also which cameras use superwhite?

Then I have an the common gamma shift problem in a projekt im working with. It looks washed out. Its filmed on hvx200 and exported to dvcpro and imported to shake and exported to animation in shake. Then imported to Fcp again and bam, washed out. I think this have to do with apple animation is Rgb and Fcp belives its 1.8 gamma and correct is to 2.2 gamma. And it looks nice in fcp but i can se its to bright on the output from aja, and it show up first after export...

Im not sure how to eleminate this in the best way? But usally I change the gamma to 2.22 in the clips format settings and it looks good as it should to me.
As I understand you can also convert all cips to yuv before import to fcp. To uncopressed 8 or 10bit 4:2:2 or prorezz.
But I think just change the format of the clips must be a better way?

In Fcp/user prefs/editing tab theres an option for import still/Rgb videogamma
I have this on auto but I think I be better of putting this to 2.2 instead?

Files that is in dvcpro hd cant change gamma in fcp "clip format settings" right?

In after effect projekt settings you can choose Hdtv Rec709 16-235 or just plain Rec709 or none (and alot other). Which one are you recomend me to use? Now i keep this to none.

In Aja controlpanel theres options for Rgb-yuv conversion
The you have the Colorspace, gamma, rgb range. What do you choose here? Auto colorspace, auto gamma smpte or Rec709 on colorspace, 2.22 on gamma and Smpte on range. I not sure if you can se any difference in fcp if you change any of theses settings?

An massive thank you for everyone that help me out!
Joel Arvidsson

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