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Re: NAS set-up for video production advice - all fixed

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Alex Pickup
Re: NAS set-up for video production advice - all fixed
on Jun 19, 2018 at 9:46:01 pm

Hi Bob

Thanks for the replies! I've answered again on each piece below trying to clarify bits:

replies below:

I was wondering what you thought about the new Thunderbolt 3 Qnaps? My instinct is that I won't saturate that connection with 8 drives so they seem expensive to me maybe. However I wouldn't need any adapters so would save there.

REPLY - well, you need 8 drives. Period. The drives cost more than the QNAP. You will be using a 10G connection, not a thunderbolt 3 connection, to connect to your Mac or PC workstations.

Alex Reply: Ah sorry what I meant was just 'will my 8 drives actually saturate a 10gbe connection? Or would the extra bandwidth of 40gb/s thunderbolt 3 give me something extra? From what I gather you aren't a fan of Thunderbolt 3 qnaps though having just found some other threads.

All I want to do is have a NAS running dropbox as we use that for everything (we're based in many locations).

REPLY - the QNAP can do an automatic backup to Dropbox. It's a feature that's built in for free. Of course, you can't edit over the internet. It's not fast enough. But you can move files around. You are at the mercy of your internet connection speed.

Alex Reply: Yep understood on that. Currently we tend to run a big dropbox volume on an external hard drive or external raid (around 6TB of synced data at any time) and I work 'live' on that volume via thunderbolt on my computer. Dropbox is constantly syncing everything as fast as it can as things change. Now I want to have that volume syncing on the NAS and be working directly on that volume via 10gpe or thunderbolt 3 using my mac or my PC. I assume that's doable as a friend of mine does in on a synology nas but just wanted to clarify the aim.

In addition I would like to attach my PC and Mac Laptop to the NAS directly so they can share files and I can edit video straight off the box.

REPLY - you will connect via the 10G ports. Your Mac Laptop needs a Sonnet Solo 10G for thunderbolt 3 or Sonnet Twin 10G (or Promise SanLink2) for Thunderbolt 2. Your PC can use the ASUS or QNAP 10G NIC card, which is about $100 US. Yes, you can edit right off the QNAP.

Alex Reply: Sweet

I am thinking that a 10gbe direct connection to both systems would be plenty of speed?

REPLY - you will get about 900 - 1000 MB/sec from the PC if you use the ASUS or QNAP 10G PCIe card (or the Sonnet Presto 10G, which is about $280 US). With the Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3 adaptor, you will get 900 - 1000 MB/sec and with the thunderbolt 2 adaptors, you will get about 800 MB/sec. If you get the cheaper Akitio, you will only get about 300 MB/sec.

Alex Reply: gotcha

My PC has thunderbolt 3 and 10gbe connections already on board
REPLY - if its not the horrible Startech 10G that uses the Tehuti 10G chip, then you are ok. We can try it, and then add the ASUS 10G card for $99 if there are issues. The ASUS, and QNAP both use the Aquantia ACQ-107 10G chip which is the same chip that's in the iMac Pro.

Alex Reply: This is the motherboard I have so it looks like I have the Aquantia AQC-107 10G like you said. You know everything!

My laptop has thunderbolt 3 only. So I guess I'd need the expensive converter box for that which might use up some of the price difference between the non-thunderbolt and thunderbolt qnaps.
REPLY - the Sonnet Solo 10G is $177 at B&H Photo in the US. I am sure that in London sells it as well. If you consider this to be expensive, then we are both wasting our time right now.

Alex Reply: No it's fine, I was just factoring in that £200 in case it made one qnap vs another become closer in price.

The two I'm considering are: Qnap TVS-873e-8G or Qnap TVS-882BRT3-i5-16G and the price difference in the Uk is around £500.

The TVS-873e is a bare bones 8 bay box, with no 10G card in it. You MUST order either a QNAP LAN-10G2T-X550 card for this ($359 US) for dual port connection, or if you are getting a 10G switch (like the QNAP QSW-1208-8C which is $589 US) then you order the QNAP QXG-10G1T card for $139 and put this into the QNAP TVS-873e. This is a single port card, that connects to a switch.

Alex Reply: Ahh yes I get you, I missed that. Okay well before I decide on getting that one plus the 10gb card is there a different 8-bay qnap with 10gb already built in that you'd recommend? My UK options are here:

The TVS-882BRT3 is a backup unit. Why would you consider this model ?

Alex Reply: Ah that's interesting. I'd had this model recommended to me specifically for using as attached video editing via 10gbe and thunderbolt 3. Nobody said it was a backup unit. It looks like a fully fledged unit on the website. Would it be much worse than the TVS-873e then? Here's the specific listing I was considering:

Ask any other questions that you may have. I do this all the time, all day long.

Alex Reply: Thanks man. I guess my big question still is why the thunderbolt 3 units should be avoided? Some of the posts about this have gone over my head tbh. This is my first NAS and I'm not up on all the ins and out. I am definitely getting the vibe that there's no point in that platform but I'd love to be fully illuminated on the issues with those. Are they just a distraction in this market?

Thanks again and I'll happily get what you recommend and then be in touch to have you help me set it up remotely.
Appreciate the help

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