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Re: Update old CPUs before buying server? And Storinator from 45Drives

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Bob Zelin
Re: Update old CPUs before buying server? And Storinator from 45Drives
on Feb 28, 2018 at 8:20:01 pm

I find it interesting that with all the different brands out there, and this being your first post, you are asking about
45Drives, instead of other brands that you see advertised here on Creative Cow, or brands that have dedicated forums on Creative Cow.

I see that Chad Lancaster on the RED User forum aggressively promotes 45Drives whenever anyone asks about them.
I have commented that I am disappointed that 45Drives has (for some reason) no interest in appearing at video trade shows like NAB, or SMPTE, nor do they advertise on any video forums like Creative Cow, FCP X, Red User, ProVideo Coalition, etc. They show little detailed information about the use of their system, but their name keeps popping up, just like your post today.

I will try to answer your questions below -
you write -
Here's my most important question: I am wondering how much risk there is to buy a server and THEN, down the road, upgrade work stations. Is that putting the cart before the horse? Should I really upgrade my two edit computers first and THEN do the server?

REPLY - you can buy shared storage (a server) whenever you want. It's just storage, that you will use for your Mac and PC edit systems. You will connect to any server system via ethernet with a dedicated network port from your edit computers.

I mention this because my work station is ... an early 2008 PowerMac!! (with Yosemite). My co-editor is on an early 2014 PowerMac (pre-thunderbolt). We're still in the HD world, of course. No 4K yet.

REPLY - Your 2008 Mac Pro with 10.10 has two 1G Ethernet ports. One port is for your internet and one port is for your shared storage system. With a 1G connect to a shared storage system you will get about 100 MB/sec, which is plenty for HD video. You can always add a 10G card from ATTO or Sonnet into your 3,1 2008 Mac Pro running 10.10
and do 10G ethernet connection for 4K video.

Sales rep readily acknowledged that, because of the age of our network interface cards, we won't get maximum speed. His main arguments are:

1) if we connect to the server with CAT6 ethernet, we'll work at the same speed as we do now with our local SATA raids;

REPLY - these two computers will work perfectly fine for doing 720p and 1080i HD video. Typical ProRes is 20 MB/sec and ProRes422HQ is 30 MB/sec. You will get 100 MB/sec with a 1G connection. Your "network interface cards" are not cards. These are the network ports built into your Mac's. If you want 10G speeds, you add a PCIe card from Sonnet or ATTO.

2) the two of us will be able to share storage; and

REPLY - that's the point of shared storage - to have multiple people using the same shared storage array.

3) after we've updated our workstations, we'll be in a position to jump into 4K smoothly.

REPLY - you can do this now. Add a 10G card. Or work with a 4K compression ratio that is under 100 MB/sec.
Go to AJA System Test or to see the bandwidth for 4K. Different cameras and different codecs have different bandwidth requirements.

Recognizing that we're still in HD and don't have huge storage needs, the he suggested we start with their 15-slot chassis (the Storinator AV15) with RAID 5 storage. Start with 5 drives, 4TB each. Cost for chassis, 5 drives (20TB total) and 5 hours of support, $4950.

REPLY - you can buy a QNAP without a 10G card for as cheap as $1500 (the TS-873e). For $2800, you can get the QNAP TS-1685, which has dual 10G ports built in, 12 SATA drive slots, and 4 SSD slots. Just add drives. You can use any 7200 RPM SATA drives from 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 TB. These are the same drives that you would put in a Storinator, or an AVID, or anything else. They are made by HGST, Western Digital, Seagate or Toshiba. 45Drives does not make drives.

In addition to my main, cart-before-the-horse question, also curious if:

1. Anyone ever used a product from 45 Drives?

REPLY - NO. If they would show up to a trade show, or advertise on a video website, I would talk with them. But they do not.

2. Does this price seem reasonable? (I've got no clue at all).
REPLY - I replied above. You can easily do a system for $1500 - $2800 today.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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