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4K (and beyond) workflow for sports shooting

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Kevin Duffey
4K (and beyond) workflow for sports shooting
on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:17:49 pm


I am my kids soccer teams videographer. One of the things that has gotten to be pretty important for kids trying to work towards scholarships is video highlight reels. To make these, we need lots of recorded games to pull clips from. It is likely that an entire season of games would be a good source. For one kid, this is about 25 to 40 games depending on tournaments, scrimages etc. Each game is about 1.25 hours in length.

Because of all the 4K hoopla going on, and knowing that it is the soon to be standard for TVs and such everywhere.. and with 8K cameras already being used in youtube videos (unreal how many youtubers have 8K RED cameras for VLOG.. I am in the wrong business!!), I wanted to look to the future, so I opted for a 4K setup. In particular I am using the 4K Sony AX53 consumer camcorder on a HiPod 21 foot elevated tripod, and recording on an Atomos Ninja Inferno at 4K/24p in DNxHR SQ.

Though I read some how 1 hour of 4KRAW takes up about 100GB of storage (I am guessing CinemaDNG?), my current DNxHR SQ files, at about 1 hour take almost 250GB. I dont quite understand how DNxHR is taking about 2.5 times more than 4KRAW would.. but ok.. if that is the size, so be it.

Now, the problem for me is.. storing all these source files. I have to record for not one, but both of my kids soccer teams. At about 250GB per game, x lets hope for only 30 games per team, that is nearing 8TBs of storage per team.

So.. getting to my subject (workflow).. my problem is.. I am not going to be having 10TBs of storage on my PC. So would it be advisable to look in to a 10gig local network and some sort of 10gig NAS setup? I am looking at buying a few 10TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro drives (5 in total for a 5 bay NAS setup). I would like to make sure these are redundant because I will have to keep this footage for almost a year before I can use it to make highlight reels from. I dont think Ill keep the games past a year though.. once I make the reels, and the next season starts, unless I become independently wealthy or storage gets much larger and much cheaper by then (doubtful on both accounts), I am guessing Ill delete the source files to reuse the NAS setup.

So what do you guys do you work on 4K (and even 8K) shoots with 10s of hours of video? Do you all have these $10K plus budgets to buy storage? Is there some form of compressing the 4K DNxHR source to save room while not being used? Maybe transcoding to CinemaDNG ?? How do you work with all those hours of video for one editing session (e.g. in my case, the result is about a 5 minute output video.. pulled from dozens of clips of all those hours of source footage)? Do you always resort to proxies? If so, do you generate those from the source footage first before editing?

Appreciate any guidance on this growing problem.

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