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Re: Small video production company needs an healthy storage system

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Bob Zelin
Re: Small video production company needs an healthy storage system
on Jun 17, 2019 at 8:55:35 pm

Hello Alex -
I am going to answer your question in detail, but before I do - I know for a fact that other dealers and manufacturers look at this forum. I would like all of them to make an observation from your post (and all of them already know this) -

Do you see how Alex has chosen the Synology 1819+. And he is suffering why he needs to purchase this model, instead of the cheaper DS 1817. Do you see how Alex has researched switches, and is asking about Buffalo and not Netgear, Dell, or more expensive Arista, Cisco, Extreme Networks, etc. Alex has done excellent research, and his research has led him to one common denominator. The same common denominator that EVERYONE is asking today - the same common demoninator everyone on Reddit asks about - WHAT IS THE CHEAPEST THING I CAN GET (down to the penny) that will still work for me. Even though Alex is in France, and has easy tech access to GB Labs, and DDP, he is asking about Synology, because of it's price (and it's probably still too expensive). I want to shove this fact down your throats (not you Alex !) - so that you understand where the market is right now. This is why I do what I do, not because of a particular brand that I have loyalty to. I want to stay in business.

Hello Alex - I apologize for the nonsense above, but I fully understand what you are looking for.
It will be difficult for me to answer all of your questions in a single post response, but I will do my best.
The DS1817 appears that it is no longer manufactured. I believe the DS1817 was using the horrible Amazon Annapurna CPU processor which was slow. I understand that this model probably came with a free dual port 10G card, but this is the wrong box for you. Should you decide to choose a Synology product, in my opinion the Synology DS1819+ is the least expensive model that you should choose. You MUST purchase an optional dual port 10G NIC card from Synology for this system. Without 10G ethernet, this system is useless, and YES, you must have eight matching 7200 RPM drives in this system. The 10G port will connect to a 10G ethernet switch.

You have selected the Buffalo BS-MP2012. This is a 12 port 10G switch. I have never installed one of these.
You have 9 client computers that need to access the data from this NAS box. I would suggest from my experience that you choose a Netgear XS712Tv2 12 port switch, or a Netgear XS716T 16 port 10G switch. This does not mean that the Buffalo BS-MP2012 will not do the same job. I have just never installed one personally, and I do not know how it will perform. It is not popular in the United States.

As for the NAS box itself, I have installed the DS1819+, and I have installed the equivalent QNAP TVS-873e (also with optional 10G NIC card). I can assure you that the slightly more expensive QNAP TVS-872XT-16G for $1899 US is a dramatically better, faster product. This model has a built in 10G port, and eight SATA drive slots, and is expandable with 6 expansion chassis.

With that said - you have NINE (9) clients that will connect to this. If all of them want to do 4K editing, this will be pushing the limits of what any of these boxes can do. At that point, I would suggest a more expensive box - the QNAP TS-1685, which is a 12 bay model, with built in dual 10G NIC ports. This would connect to your 12 or 16 port 10G switch, and all 9 of your client computers would connect to this switch. The price of the TS-1685 without drives is $2899 US.

The Seagate Ironwolf 7200 RPM drives are an excellent choice. With an 8 bay chassis after RAID 6 (where you can have 2 drives fail) - you will have 60 TB of usable storage. With a 12 bay chassis, like the TS-1685, after RAID 6, you will have 120 TB raw, and 100 TB of usable storage after RAID 6.

If you want wired internet, I would insist on TWO CAT 6 wires per computer workstation. One for your house wired internet, and one dedicated for the 10G NIC port on the computer, that would connect to the 10G switch (either Netgear or Buffalo).

I am fully available to answer any further questions that you may have. I am sorry if I missed any of the critical points that you may have been asking -

oh -
for remote access to the editor that is 500 km away from you -
you create Proxy files for him. He would then remote into your QNAP over the internet, download those proxy files, edit the show in proxy, and put the project data file back onto the QNAP over the internet. It would then be your responsibility to conform the show from his project file, back to the original full res media. The internet is simply not fast enough to transmit full res 4K ProRes files for someone to do remote editing.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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